This is a team minigame which means you will have to cooperate with other people

Posted by Dingbest on January 20th, 2021

This minigame also called NMZ is where you can battle all previous quest bosses that you've defeated during your journey from the lands of OSRS gold Gielinor. The more quests you've completed the more bosses you may fight in this place. To start off head to Dominic Onion near tower located north-east of Yanille. Additionally, this is the best place to prepare your melee battle so make certain to take a look at our Nightmare Zone guide where we clarify details of the activity. As a reward from Nightmare Zone you are able to select various things, herbs and updates for possessed equipment.

This is a team minigame which means you will have to cooperate with other people to be successful. Inside Void Knights' Outpost you can jump right into one of three ships which stand for three issues: easy, medium and hard. After particular number or players collect on the boat they're teleported to the island swarmed by pest. Participants have to slay said close and pets all four portals that let them spawn. In the exact same time they need to protect Void Knight who stands in the center of this isle. If NPC endures and all portal sites are closed players will likely be rewarded with special tokens used to purchase very helpful Void Knight weapons and sets.

In Barbarian Outpost you can challenge yourself at a team of five players. You'll need to defeat waves of enemies such as Penance Queen to receive a reward in kind of Honour Points.

Within this minigame you are assigned a bunch of future Myreque recruits from Paterdomus into Burgh p Rott. Things are not as easy since you have also to protect them from competitive monsters and guide them through dangerous Morytania. In the conclusion, you can receive some minor rewards like herbs or seeds and you can get tome of Old School RS Gold experience.

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