Dog Training Myths Busted

Posted by ricky26 on September 10th, 2014

Oh hail the mighty rise of the internet, filled with millions of answers to every day questions. But it can also be a strange world of different opinions, different advice, and quite frankly it can be filled with heaps of myths, and this is certainly true when you look at dog training. There are heaps of different styles of dog training, with strong opinions for and against each method. If you’re left dazed and confused, it’s hardly surprising. Here at Dog Day Getaway, we’re going to bust some dog training myths, to help you choose the right type of training for your dog and to get the best out of our relationship with them.

Myth 1 – If your dog can’t learn a behavior then he is stubborn, dominant or even stupid!

Yes, surprisingly you will find this information and this is NOT true. Fact…dogs are like people, and they learn in different ways and at different paces; some more quickly and others will take a bit longer. Often if a dog is struggling to learn something, he’s not being ‘spoken to’ in a language that he can understand. Other times they haven’t been instructed in the right way, so they don’t understand when they’ve actually done the right thing, so in turn they have no idea what you’re asking of them. Think of a child, and how rewarding them when they do something works, well the same goes for dogs; they need to be praised for the right behavior and this praise will sink in and they’ll understand, “Ah, I’ve done something good, my owner is happy with me.” Patience is also important as it will take a few goes to get the behavior engrained. At Dog Day Getaway we do dog training Minneapolis MN and dog training St Paul MN and we’ll teach you everything you need to know about having a well-trained dog and also give you the tools to build mutual respect and trust between you and your dog. Our focus is on a positive and happy relationship with your dog.

Myth 2: A puppy has to be at least six months old to be trained.

Absolutely not! This myth actually came from an old school training method where punishment was the focus. Can you believe that a dog had to be six months old to withstand heavy collar corrections so that they could deal with the pressure? At Dog Day Getaways we start training puppies from 12 weeks old and you’ll learn about what to expect from puppy behavior and importantly it will focus on socializing your pup and teaching them some good manners! Our dog training Minneapolis MN and dog training St Paul MN focuses on happy, healthy relationships!

Myth 3 - Positive reinforcement training only works with smaller, regular dogs and not with the tougher, larger or even stubborn dogs.

Beep! Wrong again! Here’s something to think about…positive reinforcement is used for training animals like killer whales and tigers. Now, if you can train a predator by rewarding good behavior, you can certainly train a dog by rewarding good behavior, regardless of breed or even temperament.

Our knowledge of behavior has grown through research and there is absolute consensus that tough training can actually make behavior worse, but positive reinforcement can alleviate dogs’ fears, anxieties and they can be well-adjusted and have a stronger relationship with you.

So, hopefully this has busted some dog training myths for you, and that this has helped you to understand that positive reinforcement is the perfect way to train a dog to get the best out of them. You can be assured that our dog training Minneapolis MN and dog training St Paul MN focuses on getting the best out of your best friend!

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