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Posted by Mohit Gupta on January 20th, 2021

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is launching the National Artificial Intelligence Institute to improve the health and welfare of veterans through artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. A press release issued by the department on December 6 states that Naistra will be the primary focal point for the institute's research work. The Naira campus in Virginia is the primary home for the artificial intelligence research and development wing of the Department of Defense. Naira is expected to emerge as the pre-eminent center for artificial intelligence research and training in the United States. Artificial intelligence has emerged as a key technology to support comprehensive healthcare systems in the United States. 

To this end, the artificial intelligence institute at Naistra will facilitate the transition of healthcare expertise from the current healthcare workers to artificially intelligent technologies and devices. A working group for coordinating these efforts will also be set up at the Naistra campus. This group will consist of researchers from prestigious academic institutions and allied medical professionals who will conduct research and development activities in the fields of health care, computer science, mathematics, and artificial intelligence. According to the U.S. Government's website, the goal of the artificial intelligence institute at Naistra is to advance the quality of healthcare through improvements in diagnostic methods, treatment effectiveness, and the precision of treatments. 

Main Features of Artificial Intelligence Institute 

The federal agencies that are participating in the institute's activities include the Defense Advanced Technology Office, U.S. Cyber Command, the National Security Agency, Department of Defense, U.S. Military Services, Social Security Administration, U.S. Coast Guard, and many others. Some of these federal agencies have already been involved in Naistra's development since 2021. Some of these federal agencies are collaborating with Naistra to share data and utilize artificial intelligence technologies and diagnostic systems to improve the quality of healthcare and eliminate redundancy. Naistra's artificial intelligence institute has developed its website which will serve as a central hub for information about the institute's activities, grants, researchers, and technology in the field of artificial intelligence. 

Techstack was established to serve as a portal for all interested researchers, students, and developers who may be researching various aspects of artificial intelligence and distributed sensing systems and artificial intelligence systems, and maybe applying for federal grants, participating in training, or manufacturing programs. Also, the artificial intelligence institute's website offers training programs for healthcare professionals interested in integrating healthcare technology with artificial intelligence technologies. Naistra's website also provides information on how to apply for federal grants, which can be very beneficial if one wishes to pursue research on various applied health technologies. The Natural Science and Engineering Research Council, based in New York, has been instrumental in funding numerous artificial intelligence research projects throughout the country. 

The Natural Science and Engineering Research Council has even formed an advisory board to coordinate federal agency interests and provide advice to scientists and engineers in the area of research. For example, in January of 2021, the council announced that it was joining the effort to develop artificial intelligence software for the Veterans Administration's Choice Program, a program intended to provide veterans with timely access to computerized medical records. Since the Artificial Intelligence Courses ( #1 Top Training Institute ) at Naistra was one of the first artificial intelligence research centers to receive funding from the VCRA, it has become the hub for artificial intelligence research within the VA.

Also, the Artificial Intelligence Institute at Naistra is funding programs to upgrade two supercomputers at the National Academy of Sciences for use by researchers at the university as well as additional programs to upgrade similar supercomputers at the University of Maryland, College Park, University of California, San Diego, and Stanford University. According to a press release issued by the Naistra “artificial intelligence institute”, the goal of the upgrading project is to create a national artificial intelligence network "designed to handle the wide-ranging needs of federal agencies, large and small." The federal agencies in question include the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs.

One of the largest federal agencies tied to artificial intelligence in the United States Navy, which has its own Information Technology Management Agency. The NSA is responsible for internal networks as well as joint programs between the Navy and other federal agencies. In fact, according to a news report, the NSA recently conducted its artificial intelligence contest, which is part of an initiative to "improve collaboration between intelligence agencies." The NSA has also reportedly conducted its research in the fields of computer science, finance, artificial intelligence, and power, focusing on information technologies such as e-discovery and computer security. Some say that the United States Navy's Information Technology Management Service may be the United States' artificial intelligence institute, though this remains to be seen.

Currently, the University of Virginia boasts one of the top artificial intelligence institute research programs in the world. The university has established itself as a clearinghouse for researchers throughout the technology industry. Researchers at the University of Virginia include professors in the fields of computer science, health informatics, and statistics, as well as members from the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Defense, and Homeland Security. In recent years, the university has also launched a Center for Information Technologies, which coordinates research between industry and academia. This may very well be the first institute of its kind in the world.

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