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Posted by AllmaJess on September 10th, 2014

First we had the normal wheels for vehicles and then we entered into the age of alloy wheels. The alloy wheels technology is a revolutionary technology that has largely improved the efficiency of wheels and tyres. And thanks to more advancement in technology, we now have something known as powdered alloy wheels. Powdered coated alloys London makes the wheels more efficient. Powdered coated wheels London also keeps the wheels maintain their appearance for a longer period of time.

Powdered coated wheels London are created using a dry painting technique. More and more tyre companies now recommend this form of painting for a variety of reasons. Among the prime reasons for getting powdered coated allows London done is to increase the efficiency of the tyres. And as the efficiency of the tyres is increased, they become safer to operate. This augurs well for everyone. The other reason why powdered alloy wheels are recommended is due to environmental reasons. These wheels help maintain a greener environment. And since the user doesn’t need to do anything on their own to get their wheels powder coated, there is no reason why they shouldn’t go ahead.

The process of powder coating alloy wheels is simple, but it has to be done by an expert. The best of these experts recommend full refurbishment to make sure that the tyres look as good as new. There is a three stage process that they employ to ensure glossy finish and durability.

The first step is to remove the tyres along with valves and weights. The wheels are then washed in hot pressure so that grime and dirt are removed. The wheels are then put in a chemical stripping tank so that lacquer coatings and old paint are removed. Now the wheels are rinsed in hot pressure wash. The next step is to lightly grit blast the wheels so that blemishes and corrosion are removed. An inspection of the wheels is then carried out so that damages are identified. Special attention is paid to the rim lips and edges so that deep scratches and cracks are found out. The spokes and faces are filled in by using alloy tig welding. The job is then hand finished. After all this is done, the three stage powder coating is done. This is where job of creating the powdered coated alloys London is complete.

With powdered coated wheels London, one can also enhance the look of their vehicles. The point of getting powdered coated alloys London is also to get a glossy finish on the wheels with different colours. The experts who handle this job can make old wheels look like new. And when the job is finished, the performance and durability of the wheels is also enhanced. So, no matter from which angle one looks at this process, they can only see positives.

Getting powdered coated wheels London is easy when you deal with the best. Once your powdered coated alloys London are done, you will feel as if you are driving on brand new tyres.

Powdered coated alloys London enhance durability of wheels. Specialists create to enhance the looks of wheels.


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