Alloy wheel refurbishment London for painted alloy wheels

Posted by AllmaJess on September 10th, 2014

Alloy wheels are a class apart from your regular steel variants. They take the entire appearance of your vehicle to a whole new level altogether and this is why they come with a slightly higher price tag than your regular steel wheels. Once you have installed a set of alloy wheels in your car you will notice the difference, if you just compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’ look. What follows is an extremely precarious routine to take care of your wheels. Thanks to the presence of quite a number of service providers who take care of alloy wheel refurbishment London you can be at ease when it comes to getting your wheels serviced for damage or just upgrade. In any case it is not too difficult to get alloy wheel repair London done. The process may differ according to the type of alloy wheel. For instance, it may take a bit longer to repair diamond cut alloy wheel than it will take for painted alloy wheels.

Alloy wheel refurbishment London for painted alloys

The process for repairing or refurbishing alloy wheels differ according to whether they are painted or diamond cut or powder coated. It takes comparatively less time to take care of painted alloy wheels. The first step is receiving the wheels and separating it from the tyres using a fully automatic tyre remover, followed by identification process. The number is tagged on the wheel for reference. The next step in alloy wheel refurbishment London for painted alloys is preparing the wheels for precision cutting. In this step the damaged areas of the paint are taken care of. Here either the entire alloy is dipped in a paint stripper or it may be treated with the help of a sandblaster.

Then it is taken for precision cutting. Well-established centres for alloy wheel repair London will take care of the issue with extreme caution and hence see to it that only diamond lathe is used for getting the exact measurements. The next step is painting the alloy and giving it a perfect finish. You can also get customized painting options which you may have to discuss with your service provider before sending your alloy wheels for getting repaired. It takes about 30 minutes for the alloy to cool and then it is sent for quality control check to see that it meets all the requirements. This more or less completes the process of alloy wheel repair London.

Following the above alloy wheel repair London the wheels are again fitted with the tyre and balanced using a sophisticated tyre balancer. This makes them ready for delivery. So, if you are planning to find an agency to repair or refurbish your alloy wheels in London then make sure that your service provider follows all the above mentioned steps so that you are able to get perfectly serviced and well-balanced alloy wheels. What is required is that you are able to search the right alloy wheel refurbishment London service provider who will offer you these services as desired.

Getting alloy wheel refurbishment London and alloy wheel repair London for painted alloys involves a number of steps which are to be followed to expect a good quality servicing.

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