Features and Benefits of Capacitive in-Mold Electronics (Ime)

Posted by sere on January 20th, 2021

In-mold electronics (ime) is a combination of traditional in-mold decoration (IMD) technology and printed electronics. The result is a beautiful, highly functional, lightweight and lower cost alternative to the traditional human machine interface (HMI) with mechanical switches. In-mold electronics (ime), because of the creation of smart surfaces in its products, is becoming more and more popular in the automotive, medical equipment and white goods markets. In the near future, other markets will adopt capacitive in mold electronics process because its advantages and consumer interests have been recognized.

In-mold electronics (ime) combines the in-mold decoration process with the printing of conductive inks. The finished products it produces require a certain amount of space compared with previous technologies. Compared with manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCB) or flexible printed circuit boards (FPC), the waste generated by printing conductive inks is much less, which makes the in mold electronics process more environmentally friendly. Using capacitive in-mold electronics (ime) is a low-cost alternative to traditional technology because it requires fewer raw materials, does not require assembly and produces a more reliable product. The in mold electronics process can be modified or updated through changes.

Features of Capacitive in-Mold Electronics (Ime)

In-mold electronics (ime) are thin decorative control panels; because there are no moving parts, in-mold electronics (ime) are extremely reliable capacitive switches; they are encapsulated circuits, sensors and other components.

Benefits of Capacitive in-Mold Electronics (Ime)

It does not need a bulky technology box. At the same time, in-mold electronics (ime) are printed electronics, which produce less waste and are more cost-effective than traditional membrane switch components. In addition, the capacitive in mold electronics process does not require the use of lead and is RoHS compliant.

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