Tech ring: A leap into the future

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on September 10th, 2014

Technology has yet again set precedents that seem insurmountable to surpass. Even before the market has adjusted to the growing trends of smart watches, it is the smartphone ring that is making the sweepstakes. What served as an added advantage to the uber-modern device is the tepid reception and mixed reviews that the previous array of smart gears received. A mixed bag reaction to the previous models of wearable gears had almost rendered them overhyped and overvalued by the media and the analysts. However, the judgment is making a turnaround now with the conception of tech ring gears.

Backed strongly by a study which claims that smartphone users on an average check their phones every six seconds, tech ring manufacturers have mitigated that hassle as well as made such an action absolutely redundant. This device promises to save both battery life of your smartphone and your precious time and also comes with many interesting features. A dominant concept that ruled the accessorizing of the smartphone ring was to present it as high-tech fashion jewelry, which would be able to perform a multitude of tasks without you having to fiddle with your smartphone at every opportune moment.

The tech ring guarantees several interesting features along with the usual ones. Apart from receiving and making phone calls and text notifications, the wearable device also notifies you of real-time updates from your favorite social networking sites, lets you remote control your phone, operate a timer and stopwatch, control camera and TV, change your profile and lets you access a clock which displays up to five time zones. Another very interesting feature incorporated into this smartphone ring is that it will notify you immediately if and when you are out of a 30 feet radius from your smartphone.

These high tech smartphone rings are the consequences of the incredible advancement in engineering and modern technology. They are equipped with multiple sensors that are made to work with NFC chipsets, Bluetooth or other remote controlling devices. People, especially teenagers and tech buffs are even using tech ring as a fashion statement to go with. They come in all different shapes, specifications and designs. Certainly, companies manufacturing them are trying to incorporate their own customizations into it and with such personalization, an awesome variety of products are coming through. An Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign is being launched in few weeks to offer several versions of these products. Choosing just one surely will be a challenging job. A look at their website makes it pretty clear.

As one might think, the elementary prices of such tech rings will probably be high and out of the reach of normal people. Surprisingly, the scenario is quite the opposite. These smartphone rings are not only smart and trendy but also very durable and affordable. In case of any damage or faulty product within the warranty period, you can always get a quick replacement. Yes, upon market launch, many online sites will offer extended warranty periods which indeed is good news. You can also compare the websites and go for the one offering maximum benefit in order to save some money. An eye-catching piece of a wearable tech would not only be a surprise but also can make you the coolest and trendiest person in your social circle.

A smartphone ring can change your way of doing things as well as hike up your overall appearance. If you are looking for a tech ring, you can find it at many online portals at a reasonable price.

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