How finance works? A Small Guide But Effective

Posted by NCCPL on January 20th, 2021

How finance works? A Small Guide But Effective

Getting to know the numbers and the way they dictate your finances is often taken as an extremely
complicated task but for those of us who know their way around digits, the knowledge really pays off
Understanding balance sheets and absorbing the gist of credit-debit is not everyone’s cup of tea and
therefore there needs to be a way through which people can easily comprehend the topic. Taking care
of finances is not easy because it requires years of expertise, tons of knowledge, and well-understood
decisions. For anyone who wants to excel in their career as a financial expert, understanding the basics
of finances is more than important. There’s a new book in town which goes by the name of “how
finance works”. It is basically based on a popular and comprehensive class taught by a business school
professor of Harvard.

There are many people who are unable to just get their heads around numbers even when dealing with
numbers is a part of our daily lives. From counting bucks and registering cash to keeping track of our
bank balance and spending money wisely, everything revolves around the numbers that one might
dread. The author Mihir Desai who is famous for his other books on finance demystifies the myths
associated with finance and financial services so that everyone can easily understand that how finance
works actually.

Easy to understand

A rather incomprehensible world of finance is broken down into easier words and quite understandable
numbers by Desai who believes in equal opportunities for all. With the help of illustrative figures,
carefully planned visuals, and far-from conventional style of teaching, the books cover a wide range of
topics that can easily help a student understand basic concepts and an expert improve their existing set
of skills.

Simplified financial services

In order to hone your skills, one always needs a practicing ground and a better approach to existing
scenarios. When it comes to financial services, it’s not your everyday addition and subtraction, instead,
it’s a bunch of ins and outs of a balance sheet that needs the undivided attention of the expert.

The bigger picture

Companies run on investments and investments depend on the cash inflow/outflow and thousands of
other factors, all of which are useless if not kept in record. Tasks such as bookkeeping and record
examinations all fall under financial services but bigger corporations’ means bigger tasks and
subsequent risk calculation. Therefore, estimation of value, maximization, and minimization, all are in
accordance with numbers which simply means that all of your company’s decisions pertaining to
growth, expenditure, and expansion are in line with finance.

This all depicts the faintest idea of how finance actually works. In reality and on papers, it’s a mumbled
jumbled web of numbers that needs to be decoded times and again so that every I is dotted and every t
is crossed for future references. This new book by Desai aims to solve this problem once and for all.
If you still have any questions, you can contact us right away. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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