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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on September 10th, 2014

How about a product that works as your assistant in a completely smart way, as if it has a mind of its own? And how about if this product is so beautifully designed that it gives makes you look fashionably hip? No, we are not talking about something that will hit us humans 50 years from now? This is a product whose blueprint has already been drawn and it is ready for crowdfunding in less than 10 weeks as we write this piece. This piece of fashion tech comes to you in the form of a finger ring. The concept is part of wearable tech that we have already seen launched by some companies like Samsung and Sony.

This fashion tech, the finger ring, has been designed keeping in mind how much fashion conscious you are. While it is a wearable tech product, it has been designed so that you don’t mind wearing it when you are out of your home. This piece of technology looks like a beautifully designed finger ring, but it can perform almost magical tasks.

This fashion tech product helps you make calls without reaching your phone. Can you beat that? The ring also has a single-click command using which you can dial 911 in case of an emergency. This ring also lets you press a button and click photographs through your smartphone. The camera app in the ring is able to activate the camera on your smartphone so that you can take group photographs without the photographer or you missing from it.

This ring can also perform many other tasks. It can send Facebook notifications. It can alert you when it feels that you have been typing for a long time and your fingers need a break. It makes you perform your daily chores by alerting you on your appointments. It also alerts you when it is time for you to perform your daily physical exercises.

Using this ring, you can control your remote-controllable electronic gadgets in your home. The TV can be turned on and off and the music system volume can be turned up and down by pressing the ring buttons.

Named iSmartRing, this wearable tech product helps you perform all these tasks and more without you having to perform the actual task. It almost has a mind of its own. You just need to configure it as per your requirement and it will perform those tasks for you. And while it does all these jobs, it also works for enhancing your fashion sense. So cleverly designed it is that you can even change its face color to match your clothes. People are bound to be astonished when they see this ring in action.

The iSmartRing is coming your way soon. The concept is in place and only funds are now required to take it through production. Stay tuned to the upcoming news related to this wearable tech and you will soon find it on sale online. This fashion tech ring is going to become your constant companion, without which you will feel empty.

Fashion tech is coming your way in the form of the iSmartRing. This wearable tech not only can perform tasks for you, but also act as your fashion statement.

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