Wearable tech: The new age century boon

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on September 10th, 2014

Wearable tech is the current day trend, a marvelous invention wide range of variety. Each gadget is a new age trend soaring high on added beneficial features and pocket friendly prices. The initiation of this movement in technology was in the year 1960. The background history that inspired genius minds into such great inventions is a regular bunch of people who used to visit the casinos to gamble and then lose. It was then that wearable card counter happened which would maximize the probability of winning in the roulette table. And then, it made wonders in the casinos and later started expanding in various forms like that of a smartphone ring, for example.

Wearing wearable tech is not just a mere status symbol; instead, they are extremely helpful and advantageous. Wondering about the advantages? Well, here are a few being enlisted:

Google glasses: They open the Pandora’s Box in front of your eyes. You can take pictures by simply wearing them.

Smart watches: These are more of a smartphone, only that you cannot take calls on them. But you can receive mails, send mails, play games, calculate, access the social networking sites and can see time (but obvious).

Wearable wireless cameras: You can store and share data with this light weight camera.

Wearable spy cameras in pens, buttons etc.: These are great techs. You can use them for sting operations and it will serve your purpose with ease.

Wearable computer tech: You remain free and mobile while doing your job on computer if you use these awesome technologies.

Wearable sports gadgets: Burn calories and know how much you burned, know the hidden ailments and much more by wearing these.

Smartphone ring: A ring which has Bluetooth connectivity and can share data, has timer and has contact book along with a number of other features.

Among the wearable tech, the most popular ones are stated above. But among the most-bought gadgets, the smartphone ring ranks among the top names. The ring looks trendy, has a beautiful visual appeal and is powered with glorious features. Made up with metallic finish, the ring is waterproof and has a LED screen. Empowered with Bluetooth connectivity, the ring is sleek and wireless. The ring is ‘smart’ to the core essence of the word and is worth a buy for a person of any age group.

You can shop your desired wearable tech online from the website which deal with them. Research thoroughly if you are interested in buying such gadgets because upgrading is a perennial thing in this genre and there are lots to know about each gadget. And if you are a technology freak, you will absolutely enjoy shopping and laying your hands on gadgets like the smartphone ring.

The wearable tech is imbibed with so many features that they are going to attract every user. According to the current statistical data, the market value assessed for the year 2018 of these gadgets will be USD 12,642M. The features that the smartphone ring will gradually add on with each update, that will make it the most worthy are the functions of a cell phone, music player, camera, health sensors and many others. So, enjoy the booming and beaming technological advancements.

Be a part of the progressive advancements of technology by using a wearable tech. Pre-order soon and enjoy the magical features of the smartphone ring.

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