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Posted by AllmaJess on September 11th, 2014

Split rims for car are those rims fitted on car tyres which have a gap or split on the outer edge and are not a continuous structure like a regular wheel rim. In this variety of rims there is a ring on the circumference which has a small gap or split in it. It is also called lock ring. These are generally used for heavy vehicles like forklifts, tractors, bulldozers and trailers. There are several automotive establishments which will fit and service split rims London and you don’t need to worry and fret about it. Modern makes of cars normally boast of alloy wheels and there is growing demand for powder coated wheels London which give a very elegant look to your dream machine.

Split rims have a long history associated with it; they were used on vehicles which had inner tubes to keep the tyres inflated, much before the days of tubeless tyres. They made it very convenient for the drivers to change flattened tubes themselves without professional help. Nowadays, not only cars and heavy vehicles but bikes also come with split rims on wheels. Split rims London is hence not at all uncommon and you will find numerous car owners availing regular car servicing to maintain these rims. Powder coating of alloy wheels of cars is a growing trend and there are a variety of finishes which can be given to powder coated wheels London.

Powder coating is a process of ‘dry painting’; once the wheels are repaired, cleaned and stripped, paint is applied by electrostatic process and finally curing is done to give the desired finish. There are many car repair workshops for powder coated wheels London but only the best will provide a finish worth arousing envy. Split rims tyres come with a sense of danger as they are known to ‘burst’ with air pressure releasing suddenly; unlike tubeless ones where air leaks out slowly till the tyre gets flat. Online portals related to split rims London will guide you to the most trusted in the field of these rims.

Split rims need to be maintained in perfect condition so it is wiser to employ the services of experts in split rims London. The internet will throw up several search options but reputed agencies can be zeroed in by a thorough search. They will offer competitive rates for their swift services. Lack of time is a common refrain in all areas of life and powder coated wheels London often need to be delivered within 24 hours. You should check the warranty offered and not be fooled by any false promises. Some agencies also offer the special service of home collection and delivery after powder coating. You should enquire whether the wheel is quality checked before being re-fitted to your car.

Safety regarding split rims London can be maintained with regular service of your car wheels. Corrosion and weathering of the rims have to be avoided as much as possible to prevent the nuts from falling apart. Powder coated wheels London can be in the perfect factory shade or the colour can be customized according to your choice. Powder coating is the only safe option as it does not release any harmful chemicals in the air. So, whatever the type of wheel your vehicle has, service is never an issue for well known workshops which offer experienced and dedicated team of mechanics for you.

Vastly experienced service hands are available for your split rims London. Get an elegant and classy look for your car with powder coated wheels London .

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