Benz ME2 engine and ADS automatic damping system controller code menu

Posted by fcar on September 11th, 2014

Benz ME2 engine controller code menu
After entry to ME2 engine, Fcar car diagnostic code reader will display menu, select “controller code” to enter submenu. Read and execute code.

Select the first item of submenu: “Read and execute code”,F3-W or F3-G vehicle diagnostic scanner first read code unit No., code, chassis No., and prompt whether to transfer code to new control model. If select “No”, then back to previous menu. If select ”Yes”,then prompt to close ignition switch, next display replace old control module with new control module and prompt to open ignition switch. Fcar car diagnostic code reader shows read vehicle computer information. Transfer the above data and prompt whether to carry out identification.

After confirm, Fcar car diagnostic code reader judge this control module whether interlocked or not. If interlocked, then prompt “failure to identify, vehicle engine control unit has been locked!”, and return to main menu. Otherwise prompt to input chassis No.

Entry to control unit locking after finished, Fcar car diagnostic code reader prompt “Important! After starting engine for 40 times, engine control unit will be automatically locked! Times of engine starts”, next prompt to start engine, and shows engine speed about 1 minute. Thereafter prompt ” this control module whether match with vehicle? Whether start to be locked”

After confirm, prompt warning information: “Warning! cannot change once control module installed on vehicle! whether start to interlock?”, finished locking prompt ”cannot change after control module interlocked ”.At this moment, special attention to input of chassis No. in the whole process and cannot go wrong.

Benz ADS automatic damping system controller code menu
This full automatic electronic system can issue four kinds of different damping command to each wheel according to different situation. Moreover, it can control the number of spring vibrations under certain conditions, making steering stability not affected, vehicle can start smoothly.

After entry to system, “controller code” in display menu of F3-W car diagnosis tool, display submenu.

Program for specified customers
Select the first item in menu:” Program for specified customers”.F3-W auto scanner tool first read original program, and provide two different options for user: Customer type and standard type. Choose proper type according to actual needs.
Horizontal adjustment: Front axle/rear axle
Select the second item in menu: “Horizontal adjustment front axle/rear axle”. This function is for adjusting front axle horizontal valve and rear axle horizontal valve.

After entry to this menu, F3-W auto diagnosis tool first shows front axle horizontal value, rear axle horizontal value and fault code condition. Meanwhile, user can adjust height of front axle and rear axle; after adjustment, then come to the next step, display front and rear axle height, and prompt whether to save this value.

After user confirmed this value, F3-W car diagnosis tool will send this value to ECU, and matching over.          

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