Career Scope of Certified Network Defender

Posted by Cyfinity Global on January 20th, 2021

A cybersecurity specialist with a certification receives the boon of job opportunities and career scope. If you wish to get into a well-compensated career or job opportunity, then try your luck as a Network Defender. A certified network defender has several benefits, including a long term job, a well-defined pay scale, and others.

Certified Network Defender

With the market demands, expectations for a cybersecurity specialist is increasing. Similarly, a certified network defender is a professional who is responsible for:
●    Testing a network for vulnerabilities.
●    Installation of security programs.
●    Evaluating reports after testing networks.
●    Monitoring networks for any vulnerabilities or data breach if possible. 
And so on.

What Can You Expect as a Certified Network Defender?

If you wish to get into this profession or choose certified network defender as your career choice, you are heading towards success.

Software developers and software engineers are developing new software and applications as per the market demand or fulfilling the client's needs. But they need professionals for network protection and data security in their teams. And this brings into the picture a cybersecurity specialist, including a cybersecurity engineer, analyst, or certified network defender.

As a Certified Network Defender, you will receive:

●    Learning Adaptability: It is not an easy task to become proficient in a certified network defending job. You have to be an extraordinary problem-solver, analytical thinker, critical thinker, and keen observer.

In this job role, you get a lot of learning experience while pursuing courses and getting a job under professionals. It also builds your learning adaptability. It means you can learn at your pace as per your needs and requirements.
In this profile, you come across various technologies, including networking, security models or tools, pentest, and many others indulge in data security over the network in any corporation or organization.

●    Long-Term Job: Since the data is increasing each day and demand for data managing is rising. In the same scenario, the need for data science and machine learning professionals is hiking. So, it is for a cybersecurity specialist.

If you are a certified network defender, there is no bar on opportunities for you. With the improvement in technology and advancements, hackers are enriching and upskilling each day. As a result, there is a chance for a long-term job as a certified network defender.
 It is a crucial role and all about trust. No corporation or organization would prefer hiring new people if they have trusted employees. It is because cybersecurity or network defending is vital for any corporation for the protection of their integrated information.

●    High-Paying Job: So far, you have seen certified network defender gets job security for the long-term. But you might be wondering how one person can stay at the same place for long? There is a secret behind it. Along with job-security, certified network defender receives high-paying jobs.

Even in the company, they get various certification courses to expand their learning with the latest technology. It is no doubt a cybersecurity engineer earns hugely, but a certified network defender also receives a comparable salary.


As a certified network defender, you come across several great opportunities to choose for yourself. Along with a better pay scale, you get a secure job for the long-term.
Apart from this, your learning does not pause in the middle of doing a job. But you face a lot of challenges and problem-solving tips and tricks. A cybersecurity specialist is necessary to prevent data breaches, and so is CND (Certified Network defender) in any corporation.

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