Covid-19 have Derailed Our Travel Plans but Our Will to See the World Prevails

Posted by Spencer Travel on January 20th, 2021

People have already started looking forward to thoughtfully planned and booked trips for the spring and summer during the beginning of 2020. Some have also started drawing up plans for mid-year holidays and destination weddings, which mean a trail of family and friends planning their trips, following suit.

Business travels couldn’t look more optimistic and busy at the start of such an exciting sounding year (2020, can you see it clearly? Get it?) and more start-ups and multinational companies around the world had looked forward to globalising their businesses. And with this endeavor would have come thousands of corporate foot soldiers bringing training, pitches, negotiations, and deals to all corners of the world.

That is until the novel coronavirus threatened to infect the world in mid-March and almost overnight, life as we knew it became inaccessible. Hugs and kisses were almost considered illegal in some countries. Six feet between people was a mandated measure, unless one wanted to risk going six feet underground.

One by one, countries have sadly shut down their borders to prevent the spread of the disease especially from highly infected cities and areas. Regardless, the spread of the virus was faster than you can say toilet paper, and eventually all countries, save for a few very vigilant and very lucky ones, were suffering from increasing rates of infection and deaths.

Needless to say, flight and hotel bookings were cancelled by millions all over the world. Business as usual, companies completely reformed their tactic to ensure safety and operated through skeletal workforce in the workplace, with the rest of the workforce working from home dressed from the waist up, which by the way, has become an actual bizarre pandemic fashion trend.

Slowly, but unsurely, some countries have flattened their COVId-19 curves and opened their border, albeit with a gazillion of conditions and policies. With the global economy hit hard and recessions manifesting rapidly in markets around the world, countries are doing their best to regain strength in their national economy by allowing work visa-holders and business travellers, among homecoming citizens in the list of prioritised travellers especially for borders with entry limits.

This gradual increase of allowances did not mean a return to easeof what we knew traveling to be.

Visa applications have become more critical, multiple health tests and certifications are required, and often vary per airline of choice, or country/city of destination. Official permits from national and local authorities have to be obtained prior to travelling. Several countries require mandatory quarantine stays in accredited hotels and establishments post-arrival, and a comprehensive itinerary is now mandatory for several countries and cities.

To be concise, travelling has become WAY a lot harder. And for several people, it almost feels like it’s not even worth trying anymore.

But we have to stay strong and remember that we should continue on living and making the world a livable place, but with much precaution, consideration, patience, and compliance.

Our team here at Spencer Travel understands the difficulty, infuriating struggles, and wasted time, finances and effort when it comes to travelling during the pandemic.

Whether your purpose is to reunite with family, attend a wedding, create business, or make a living, Spencer Travel focuses on researching what you need to travel smoothly, planning a timeline of your acquisition for specific requirement to make sure you can collate them in a timely manner for your planned trip, and helping you process your visa, your bookings, and health diagnostics for you to relax and pack your things and walk confidently into the airport, with the knowledge that your trip is covered with assurance and impeccable planning from start to finish.

Call us +61 2 9281 5477 today or send us an email at to let us know how e can help you move through the skies.

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