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Marriage is the Sunnah of life and there is no doubt that every single girl dreams of marriage and tafsirahlam, or a single young man also wants stability because of the affection, mercy, reassurance and tranquility that it contains. Yourselves are husbands, to which you dwell, and to make among you love and compassion.

In general, the interpretation of a dream tafsirahlam about marriage in a dream is commitment, comfort and the transformations that a person will go through in his life, which is often as a person goes through a new stage.

tafsirahlam of a dream about marriage to Ibn Sirin

Ibn Sirin says that seeing marriage in a dream in general indicates extreme comfort and stability in life and means reassurance, but if you see in your dream that you are attending the wedding of someone close to you, this means feeling comfortable with this person.
Seeing a man’s marriage to an unknown woman is one of the unpleasant visions, and he says about her, Where will you see that it may indicate the sake of the seeker? And God knows best.
Seeing a marriage with a mahram means visiting the Sacred House of God very soon, God Almighty willing.
But if you see in your dream that you marry another man, then this vision means victory over the enemies and indicates the achievement of many benefits in life during the coming days.

Interpretation of seeing marriage in a dream by Nabulsi

Nabulsi interprets marriage in a dream as indicating the care of God Almighty.

Perhaps marriage indicates religion, families and concern.
If in a dream and tafsirahlam a man marries an unknown woman, this indicates that the term will be imminent.
And whoever sees that he marries a girl or girl and transfers her to him, he will receive money.
And from the opinion that he married the daughter of a sheikh, he will receive much good.
Whoever marries a woman then dies, he will receive a profession in which he will find nothing but misery.
And whoever thinks that he has married a Jewish woman, he is pursuing a sinful profession.
Ibn Sirin explains the vision of marriage for a pregnant woman. If she marries, she will give birth to a female, and if she is brought like a bride, the newborn is a male .

Interpretations related to seeing marriage in a dream:

There are many interpretations of marriage in a dream, which are obligatory and changes to new stages, and marriage in a dream indicates confirmation of obligations.

tafsirahlam of seeing marriage in a dream for single people

If an unmarried girl sees that she is getting married and has in a dream what the bride has in terms of decorations and wedding preparations, then she will have good luck and be accepted by the good young men and obtain the best that another girl can obtain.
And the single girl who sees in her dreams that she marries a man she does not know, this indicates the abundance of livelihood and money , and the unmarried girl if she sees that she is marrying a man but does not see the husband whom she married, this indicates that she is about to enter into a failed engagement .

Interpretation of seeing a marriage in a dream for a married woman

The married woman who sees that she marries a man in a dream other than her husband, then she will gain good and benefit from the person whom she married if she knows him, and if she sees that she married a man she does not know, this indicates a change in housing or work, and the married woman who sees in the dream that she marries her husband once Other, this indicates the complexion of pregnancy or livelihood.

Interpretation of seeing marriage in a dream for a pregnant woman

If a pregnant woman sees that she marries someone other than her husband,tafsirahlam  this is evidence of good and good luck in money and work, and the marriage of a pregnant woman to a close man in a dream indicates that the date of childbirth is approaching , and marriage to a stranger indicates travel , and if she sees that she marries her husband, he preaches to her about the newborn that a male wishes Or a female, and God knows best.

Interpretation of seeing marriage in a dream for a man and for the youth

There is no dream that denotes goodness to a man or young man more than seeing that he marries a beautiful woman in a dream.
And when you see wedding cakes, this indicates a bright and happy future awaiting you.
And if you see yourself attending a wedding with another person, this indicates that you feel psychological comfort towards this person.
If you see someone proposing to you to marry, this is a sign that things will take a worse turn.
If you see that you are marrying the person with whom you have an emotional relationship, this indicates the sacrifice that you make for the success of the relationship between you.
If you see that you are marrying a Christian woman, it indicates that you are pursuing a profession in which it is false.
who married an adulteress would take her sin.
And whoever sees that he married a woman from his wife, her womb will be cut off, and if she is dead, her womb will reach her.
He who marries a woman and has another wife will be as good as the woman he marries.

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