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Posted by Michael Griffin on January 20th, 2021

Even as we enter a new decade, email marketing in Denver CO remains a reliable means of promoting one’s business. Even decades after its invention, digital marketers cannot ignore its importance.

What has changed is the way marketers implement this marketing tool. The last decade saw the emergence of many trends in terms of tools, techniques, etc. to meet emerging needs. Studying and implementing these trends can help you stay relevant to your target audience and reach your goals.

Incorporation Of AI

Artificial Intelligence has made many strides in digital marketing. It is used for tasks that involve data that are too large for humans to collect and process. In email marketing, AI plays the role of list segmentation, content analysis, and effective outreach.

Many marketers and clients still feel skeptical about AI due to misconceptions about how it works. And it’s not always necessary. But having an understanding of it can help you incorporate it better when you do feel the need for it.

Strategy Before AI Solution

While AI is a powerful tool, it’s not the solution to every email marketing problem. Your target audience is human who is unpredictable by nature. AI may not always be successful or necessary to reach them. It’s better suited for certain niches like data analysis. The adage of sending the message to the right person at the right time and place works even now.

That’s why marketers are turning from the AI hype and back to strategizing. It’s important to develop a strategy to achieve your goals. Once you know what will work for you, you can invest in technology calibrated to implement it efficiently.

Personalizing Messages

Personalizing the message based on your receiver is more effective than sending a template. Businesses that fail to personalize their email marketing strategy will end up on the spam list.

Receivers are less interested in what a company has to offer and more in what it can do for them. Hyper personalized emails increase the open rate, generate more conversions, and offer a high ROI.

It’s easier to personalize your strategy now more than ever with the help of AI and other technology. To personalize your strategy:

- Tailor your messages based on the audience segment.
- Set trigger emails based on customer behavior.
- Recommend products/services to one individual rather than a group.

Reemergence Of Plain-Text Mails

Plain-text emails seemed like a thing of the past with companies sending colorful templates to potential clients. But many marketers have turned to plain-text emails. They’re effective because they feel more like mails sent between acquaintances. After all, most people don’t add templates when emailing their loved ones.

Colorful templates are still useful for getting your receiver’s attention. You can use plain ones when you need to get more personal or serious.

Interactive Emails

Interactive features like animated buttons increase email interactions significantly. Subscribers can now view, buy and engage in other ways on the mail. They don’t need to go to a landing page to learn about your products and services. Keep in mind that not all email service providers support interactive features. So adding a landing page link is still helpful.


Mobile-friendliness doesn’t just apply to websites. Most people open emails on their mobile devices. So it’s important to ensure that your messages are easy to read on a smartphone. Testing your templates on different devices is a good start. Adding CTAs and important info on top is also important to ensure that they aren’t missed.

Omnichannel Marketing

One marketing channel is rarely enough to get a customer to convert. Using multiple tools with email marketing like PPC ads or SEO optimization in Denver has proven more effective.

That’s why omnichannel marketing has emerged as a popular solution. It involves reaching audiences through most if not all marketing channels. This strategy works because customers tend to engage with different sources of information before buying a product or service. Using multiple channels to inform consumers increases your chances of sales.

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