Challenge coins rewards and appreciate soldiers hard efforts

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Challenge coin is a piece of medallion that has a particular entity logo engraved to it. Challenge coin indicates a sign of proud possession either for individuals or for a group. In armed forces, the tradition of awarding challenge coin is in practise since Second World War. And on the same foot path all the armed departments work. Challenge coin symbolises the level of authority and dignity owned by an individual.

Challenge coin symbolises respect, it shows bravery, hard work, courage and commitment towards nation shown by the soldiers to safeguard their motherland and it is a prestigious sign. Some people tag challenge coins on their shoulders, some keep them in their wallet and some hang them around their neck using leather wallets. Different department owns respective challenge coins and below are to name few

•Military challenge coin
•Navy challenge coin
•Army challenge coin
•Law enforcement challenge coin
•Coast guard challenge coin
•Fire fighter challenge coin
•Custom challenge coin
•Marine challenge coin
•Police challenge coin

These challenge coins are made up of variety of core metals like bronze, nickel, copper, aluminium, gold, silver, and platinum. These coins come in different dimension, size, shapes and coating and respective unit or occasion symbol will be engraved in different design. Many companies are designing challenge coins, with free quote form and art work. Check for the best company that can deliver your order at the earliest with good material. You need to provide all your contact details, size and dimension and purpose, so companies will send you numerous designs. Once you select your choice of coin, they will ship it to your address at the earliest.

Army challenge coins

Army challenge coin symbolises your bravery and class of distinction you have achieved. As a token of thanks and appreciation respective army commander officers will provide army challenge coins to their unit members. Globally armed departments have their own dignity and prestige of guarding their nation. Appreciable men and women being loyal to the nation survive in the border to safe guard the countries. Such proud individuals will be awarded by army challenge coins.

Army challenge coin appreciate you hard efforts and as well as encourages the individual and the group members for their future days. Soldiers consider this army challenge coins as a gallantry medals. Challenge coins will be awarded in special occasions, national festivals and special days like Flag Day, veteran’s day and army day.

For a soldier army challenge coin mean a lot and none of the gift can be compared or valued equally to a challenge coin.

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