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Posted by dada0312 on September 13th, 2014

With this for the flat cut, for example, the lowest consumption is 15:00, which means 15:00 when you can Kanguai, I see my friends have been silly to wait until the action value of 100 began operations, it is unbearably boring. Flat cut Runescape Gold when the lowest consumption of 15:00, while consuming 40 points (action values ​​greater than 40 pm) will be cut twice, cut consumption Mito Thaumaturgy action value of 100 is not this setting, Thaumaturgy general consumption is 50- 60 (playing time is not long not seen senior Thaumaturgy currently is this) but you can enter multiple commands as if I act when the value is more than 30 continuous attack commands entered twice, then people will act twice because of this I will say to bring greater strategic. He is like a character what to do next what you're going to want to cause more damage action values ​​like 100 when you have a lot of choice a second flat knife cut 3 2 1 junior Thaumaturgy Thaumaturgy primary or secondary +1 times square cut two knife throw things + flat cut, and so on ... so strategically monster came out different attributes are different, and some blame the high physical defense, and some high magic defense, how to play you need to imagine, for example: the face Mofang low when a high anti-matter monster action you deposit to the value of 100 square cut three knives absolute value as action in more than 80 when two more two knives combination of injuries, but less time due to FIFA coins the accumulation of real-time system relationship, monster action can also predict when there will be like a monster defense a very eye-catching gas field, if you still foolishly trying to chop him, I think you are confident overdone because so far I think this rs can at least offset defense 90% of physical damage, since tried to blame the three-digit level chop chop the same under normal circumstances, only a single-digit cut his defense under the circumstances, but it seems odd technique can penetrate the defense, so far I Thaumaturgy attack defense The monsters can still cause considerable damage.

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