What do you do with a used catalytic converter?

Posted by AxelPrice on September 13th, 2014

A catalytic converter is an important element of any car. There are millions of cars on the American roads and just the data on their total emissions can make you feel sick. Governments, both state and federal, have important rules in place related to these car parts. No car is allowed on the roads if they are not equipped with a catalytic converter. Thus, there is a demand for these parts, both new and used. If you have a used catalytic converter, you can actually sell it. There are attractive catalytic converter prices that you can command and make money out of it.

Car exhaust primarily consists of three compounds – hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. Hydrocarbons produce smog and nitrogen oxide produces acid rain and smog. And anyone would tell you that carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas. A catalytic converter is that part of the car that converts these compounds. It converts hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. It also converts nitrogen oxide into oxygen and nitrogen. Thanks to it, the air that we breathe is not poisonous. Hence, the importance of the catalytic converter and the regulations related to the use of it.

Because a catalytic converter keeps working on poisonous gases, it ultimately fails after a while. It either becomes too poisoned or too clogged to perform its tasks. If your car engine has bad exhaust valves or fouled plugs, your car catalytic converter is bound to get damaged sooner than you think. There is really no way you can make out that it is gone; a car mechanic has ways to check the condition of this part. And when you are told that your car catalytic converter is gone, you need to change it.

Now when you get the new catalytic converter, what do you do with the old one? One option is to leave it at the garage. But the other option is what has been mentioned above – you can sell it at great catalytic converter prices.

Now you may be wondering if someone would be really interested in a used catalytic converter. But there are people that refurbish these car parts and they are willing to pay excellent catalytic converter prices. It doesn’t matter how many catalytic converters you have to sell, you will still find interested buyers. The arrangement is quite simple – you sign up online, see the price you can get, ship the part and get paid for it. The prices of scrap catalytic converters can be quite handsome and this arrangement is certainly better than leaving your car catalytic converter at the garage. You never know they may be doing the same thing and making money out of it. So, why not you when it is your car part?

Don’t trash your used catalytic converter because you can make use of it. Even if you don’t think about catalytic converter prices, think that you would be selling this part to a responsible party, someone who would be using it properly.

If you have a used catalytic converter, you can sell it to interested parties and receive catalytic converter prices beyond your belief.

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