Why is Career Guidance Important For Students?

Posted by University Leap on January 20th, 2021

Career is a person’s progress through life. It is a profession or an occupation that an individual selects to have a hassle-free life. It plays an important part in making or breaking  someone’s life. However, it is neglected or taken lightly by many people who have a huge impact on their lives afterwards. Find below some reasons that suggest why career guidance is important, especially for students.

Importance of Career Guidance and Role of a Career Consultant

1. The guidance opens up new areas for students. They come across various other professions that they can choose to lead a successful life. It helps them in making a well-informed choice.

  • Students make informed decisions while choosing a subject or future pathways. They explore and analyze the consequences well as career guidance helps them in understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Students tend to have a more optimistic outlook on life and career after attending a career guiding session.

  • They realize the worth of contribution they make to their families and society as a whole after choosing the right career path.
  • They understand both the social and economic impact of a good career.

3. Professionals adopt modern techniques like career assessment test (known as Psychometric Test) to check the strength and weakness of a student. It then helps in finding the right career choice rather than just relying on their whims and fancies.

  • Students learn strategic elimination that allows them to make the correct and well-informed decision.
  • A career counsellor empowers the students with certain information that is not available on any other source.
  • They deduce all the facts and figures to save the students from misleading offers and advertisements.

4. A career counsellor also helps in avoiding negative behaviour patterns in the students like lack of confidence, procrastination, neglecting mental and emotional health, etc. They make the students understand the real worth of life.

Hence, career guidance is way more important than you think. There are many career consultants in Delhi, Mumbai, and almost in every state in India who continuously strive to offerprofessional advice to students, assisting them to make an informed choice. A career counsellor has a detailed knowledge of the education field and career choices available. So, it is advised to take career guidance and consult an education counsellor before making any career or subjects choice.

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