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Posted by AxelPrice on September 14th, 2014

A catalytic converter is a chemical reactor that employs a redox reaction to convert harmful gases into harmless forms. It is used in machines that emit gases like cars, trucks, buses, electric generators, aeroplanes and forklifts. It converts carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen into their reduced forms such as carbon dioxide oxygen, nitrogen and water. Catalytic converter is a very important part of an automobile engine that prevents air pollution. However, it can wears off soon. Inefficient or used catalytic converters are not meant to be used as they can’t control the emissions properly and thus require a replacement. To sell catalytic converters you can easily look up websites for recycling companies.

A catalytic converter with efficiency of 75% or less is considered bad. Used catalytic converters can be sold to recycling plants through their websites. They then dismantle them and recycle the useful parts. Scraps contain precious metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium that are extracted and recycled. To sell catalytic converters you need to contact these agencies with information regarding the type and number of catalytic converters you want to sell. Based on your information they quote a price for the converter. The price quoted is on full catalytic converters without any missing parts or else the price is adjusted for the missing parts.

Metal theft is a massively growing crime. Metals like nickel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, scrap iron, platinum etc. are the major targets. The catalytic converter is often welded out or cut off from the car engine and stolen. This damages other parts of the engine too. To curb it, many dealers have a security check before they buy used catalytic converters. They document everything about the sale. They file all information about the catalytic converter, its make and model and the person selling it. To sell catalytic converters you need to submit a copy of a valid driver’s license. The technicians are trained to identify the parts of the converter and keep records which can be used in a prosecution, if need be.

When you sell catalytic converters make sure that you are getting the right price for them. Go through several sites and get the best quote for yourself. Once you have your desired price, you can send your used catalytic converters to the dealers. For payment you can opt for a cheque that will be sent to your address or you can go for cash or you can customize the payment services accordingly. You need to package you converters properly before shipping them off to the recycling agent so that they do not cut through the packaging. If you are not sure about shipping your converters you can get professional packers to do it.

To ensure a proper deal for your used catalytic converters, you need to cut them off and remove all extra piping and flanges. This ensures easy shipping and packaging. When you sell catalytic converters you are not only earning money but are also saving the environment from air pollution. Inefficient catalytic converters do not process the emissions properly and therefore as a responsible citizen it is our onus to get it replaced. The old ones, instead of dumping as garbage should be recycled as soon as possible.

Used catalytic converter can be sold at good prices. To sell catalytic converters you need to mention the type, condition and number of converters you want to sell.

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