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Posted by alisonreid29 on September 15th, 2014

People have different affinities to different perfumes, or rather different bodies react differently to the same perfume. Some people are able to make the right choice right in the beginning and others learn from mistakes before they identify that particular perfume that smells nice on them. To be able to choose the ideal perfume for your body, there are two things you need to do. First – you need to have some knowledge of notes and second, you have to have a wide exposure to a range of perfumes. Understanding notes is easy and we have explained the concept below. As far as sellers are concerned, www.kozmetika.com, is one of the best names around. Kozmetika has among the widest range of perfumes available online so that you can make your choice easily.

The top notes are the notes that you immediately discern when you spray a perfume on your body. These notes usually consist of lighter ingredients like citrus and herbs. The top notes help in the process of choosing perfumes because theirs is the first smell that you get when you sprinkle some perfume on your hands.

The middle notes are also called the heart notes and they can be smelled when the top notes have gone. They are the core of any perfume and are emitted when a perfume has dried and they last long. They also create the foundation for the base notes. Some examples are nutmeg, rose and ylang ylang.

The base notes and the middle notes together form the body of a perfume. The base form the lasting impressions and they are usually stronger aromas including sandal, musk, amber and vanilla.

When you know about these notes, you can also find out which note is more suited to your body. In fact, you can feel the smell of various notes and also how they would smell on your body. This is the best way to look at a perfume when you don’t have the option of actually smelling them. The advantage of dealing with sellers like Kozmetika is that you can order for testers. For a very small price, you can purchase a handful of testers from www.kozmetika.com and make your choice regarding which perfume you should use.

You will find that the top names in fashion worldwide have the lines of perfumes. It is important to agree that just because a perfume has the name Chanel on it, its aroma is suited to your body. Perfume companies use the combinations of various notes to come up with each and every perfume and you need to choose from the options available. At www.kozmetika.com, this is precisely what you are able to do. Kozmetika allows you to browse through its extensive online catalog so that you can make the right choice.

Visit www.kozmetika.com and you will be thrilled when you see the available options. The people at Kozmetika understand that people love looking at perfumes and this is why they have among the widest range of perfumes available online.

When you understand notes, it is not difficult for you to shop online from www.kozmetika.com. Kozmetika has among the widest range of perfumes available online.

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