The Essentials for Optimising Your Website by Liverpool Based SEO Professionals

Posted by wecanmedia on September 15th, 2014

Basic SEO is fundamental and essential. SEO helps to position your website so it will be found at the most crucial points in the buying process or when people need you the most. Basically it allows you to be seen a lot more. When it comes to SEO however, the big question is simply what do search engines want? What are they looking for and how can you build your website in a way that’ll please Google and potential customers? We took this question to the LIVERPOOL based SEO professional sat Wecan Media and this is what they had to say.

Think of your website as a cake

Your links and social media could be seen as the icing but it’s the content, information infrastructure and content management system that act as the sugar and makes the cake taste great. Without it your cake (website) would be completely tasteless, boring and simply get thrown in the trash.

What are search engines looking for?

Search engines such as Google want to do their best for their searchers by providing them with website results where the content is relevant and exactly what they’re looking for. The question is how is relevance determined? Content is determined by the theme, text on the page and the titles and descriptions. You’re also judged on performance as in, how fast is the website and does it work properly? Does your website have good enough content to link to and is it authoritative? Also how does the website look and is it easy to navigate such as the creations by the Wecan Media WEBSITE design team in LIVERPOOL? Does it look safe?

What are search engines not looking for?

By launching bad tactics and trying to trick the search engines you will inevitably only be hurting yourself in the long run so it’s a good idea to keep in mind the things search engines simply don’t want and know you need to avoid them at all costs. Overuse of keywords on your page is definitely something to avoid as content now is also judged on whether it’s written for the person or simply for SEO. Keep your grammar and English to a high standard and you’ll be fine. Purchased links will quite simply get you nowhere so avoid like the plague and a poor user experience will also cause a lot of damage. You want your site to be easily navigable and fully functional allowing users and potential customers to find their way to check out easily. Placing too many ads and making it too difficult for people to find what they’re looking for will simply increase your bounce rate.

If you’d like a few more tips and tricks on optimising your website for the search engines then contact the professionals at Wecan Media where their SEO team based in Liverpool will be happy to help.

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