The Many Uses of Drilling and Cutting Tools in Manufacturing Industries

Posted by sjtools on September 15th, 2014

To meet special demands of the various industrial sectors like aviation, automobiles, machine and vessel industries, the need for drilling tool has become inevitable. A drill tool has the main function of creating holes through hard metals with maximum precision. Drills are mostly applied in metalworking, woodworking and constructional purposes; and also for various do-it-yourself projects. According to change in demand, these tools are available with a myriad of characteristics, performances, capacity and power. SJ Tools, a renowned drilling tools manufacturer in Korea specializes in producing highly efficient and high-speed drills, which have varied applications. Here, take a look at the different types of drills available in the market:

Helical Drills- These kind of drills are specially designed so that they can be applied on hard metals, such as, castiron, steel and SUS. The drill is scientifically engineered and is aptly suitable for high speed machining. Remember, the varied sizes and shapes of drills have a number of uses that accelerate the manufacturing process.

Burnishing Drills- These drills are specially known for their precision and high intensity of illumination.

Hammer Drills- Sharing similar features with standard electric drills, hammer drills are wielded at a particular angle to join two boards. If you are looking forward to rotary hammers, then they are easy to use since they come with very less vibration and are mostly used for penetrating building materials. Also, these drills are generally used for holes, which are of 19 mm. The typical usage of these drills are for boring large holes for installing lead anchors in benches and handrails; and for lag bolts in foundation.

Cordless drills- This is the kind of drill that uses rechargeable batteries instead of electricity for charging. They are quite handy to use since they come with clutches aiding in drilling screws most easily and efficiently. These cordless drills use interchangeable batteries and indeed, these tools find varied applications in various segments of the manufacturing industries.

At SJ Tools, experts believe that cutting or drilling tools should be light weight and accurate. Being a special carbide cutting tool company, SJTools aims at endowing customers and clients with utmost satisfaction with the kind of tools that find maximum usage. Besides, these tools are engineered with precision in the manufacturing units wherein advanced machinery are used for lathe, molding and cutting. Sound infrastructure and operational training of employees combine to produce such amazing tools for customers.

Uses of carbide Cutters

Carbide cutters find many uses since they provide flawless ability to cut accurately without an inch of mistake. Known for their durability, these tools find a myriad of uses. The carbide rotary cutters are one of its kinds that are manufactured with high quality raw materials and improved technology. They appear in many different sizes and specifications that help to suitably meet the many demands of customers. Today, the demand of a carbide endmill cannot be ignored. Manufactured out of quality material, this is the type of tool known for its quality and longer life. Its varied designs and sizes make it highly appealing and demanding in the market.

Thus, with a mammoth of uses, drilling and cutting tools are indispensable in various segments of manufacturing industries.   

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