Bending Jigs and Dowels are Important Tools to ensure Performance of Auto Parts

Posted by syteccoltd on September 15th, 2014

Bending stubborn wires is a messy job if you try to accomplish it with your bare hands or with pliers. Nonetheless, if you buy wire bending jigs then the job becomes much easier. Described as a handy tool, it spares you the job of meddling with pliers, but be in vain. While the myriad of uses of a jig in varied aspects of automobile mechanics cannot be ignored, such a tool is apt for any spring backed mechanism and also for any kind of custom fabrication. SY TEC Co. Ltd., a well-renowned wire bending jig manufacturer in Korea, which is known for their invigorating technology and revolutionizing auto products assures that these jigs find many uses in different ways in the automotive sector.

The many uses of Wire Bending Jigs

Crafted out of cast aluminum, the jig finds many applications. Absolutely easy to bend any kind of mild steel wire up to a stretch of ¼ inches, you can easily apply the jig for different kinds of bending purposes for automotive. What you can do is fit the wire with ease into the small grooves and this will allow you to use it for simple angular bending. More often, many people find it quite hassling to take their wheelers to mechanics for fixing, since the process may require a few days time and involve hefty expenditure. However, if you can mend the problem with a few tools at hand’s reach then go for it. Sometimes, a jig is all that you need to for certain fixtures to ensure that the automotive parts are functioning fine.

Sometimes, inserting steel pegs with the jig to produce varied shapes of wires in complex curves and shapes is easy if you know how to wield the jig. To apply or bring more force to the bends, you can craftily use the wire bending jig by mounting it to a bench with the use of two screw holes. This will help you to exert more force as per the requirement. Remember, it always depends upon the types of wires that need to be bended, whether thick or thin, simple or stubborn. As the gauge of wire increases, it becomes absolutely difficult to bend it with a jig. To show you some instances, hard metals, especially steel is quite difficult to bend it with hands even at lower gauges. On the other hand, soft ductile metals, such as aluminum and copper are quite easy and simple to bend. Those jigs, which are long in length, bring in more leverage for promptly moving wire without any issue. A little amount of muscle strain added to a useful wire bending jig is all that you need to bend wires.

A smooth driving experience is always desirable, but to assure so the various auto parts should be functioning spontaneously and diligently. While, you may use a jig to ensure small, yet inevitable fittings and fixtures required for your wheeler, a dowel pin is yet another small part that keeps the automotive parts in a tight and locked position. It permits accurate fittings and is designed for many applications. If you hear to what experts of SY TEC Co., Ltd., has to say you will know why performance of auto parts is indispensable.

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