World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade release date

Posted by freemexy on January 21st, 2021

World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade release date

With World of Warcraft Classic out in the wild, players are looking ahead to what's next from the massively multiplayer online game, especially after the recent phase six content patch for the classic version. The likely candidate for the next major WoW Classic release? A reboot of the game's first expansion pack, 2007's The Burning Crusade. To get more news about buy wow gold classic, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

With this year's BlizzCon set to take place as a virtual event next month, it's almost time to see whether Blizzard will unveil a new installment of WoW Classic content at last. That would let players experience the next expansion much quicker than subscribers did back when there were three years between releases.
There isn't any concrete information about when or what fans should expect in terms of WoW Classic's next expansion, but we've gathered everything we currently know right here. That includes rumors, tidbits and everything else you should keep in mind ahead of a potential announcement from Blizzard. Here's everything we're looking to see from the relaunch of the WoW Classic expansion, The Burning Crusade.

There’s no official word on when or if World of Warcraft: Classic: The Burning Crusade will hit digital shelves. But logic dictates that if the main swath of World of Warcraft content gets the re-release treatment, the rest of the game's early expansions will as well — or at least the ones ahead of Cataclysm's drastic alterations to Azeroth. Given that the latest round of updates brought the game up to the final vanilla raid with Naxxramas, it’s only natural to expect to be able to continue the story the same way players did originally. 

Some WoW fans would prefer to only have the default WoW Classic content to navigate, while at the same time, there are others who long to try out The Burning Crusade for the first time, or to relive their journeys through the expansion. Blizzard has previously gauged interest by way of surveys to see if players want to play through new content, or if they want to leave the game the way it is for the time being. There's the possibility that the expansion may only exist in dedicated services for The Burning Crusade, or offered by way of several different options to cater to various players’ preferences. 

Though there hasn't been any official information from Blizzard about the expansion, there have been rumblings about a potential summer launch. World of Warcraft streamer "StaySafe" has indicated by way of "multiple sources" (via Wccftech) that The Burning Crusade could be released in some iteration by May 4.

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