Mut 21 coins makes a genuine game

Posted by limmzhou on January 21st, 2021

The only thing we can hope for is that there's sufficient Community Support of this 2K arcade game the NFL understands they can make more money if Mut 21 coins makes a genuine game.

I believed this update was also assumed to have enhanced decoding AI where teams that draft a young qb is going to have a better way handling that and things like this?

Okay only looked and that's a change coming for this update. Do not know how that isn't the biggest change being discussed but that's the change that will make franchise a little better.Wow we could alter additional things they never thought of origin they never wish to enhance franchise. Give me custom plays at some point and I might look at getting a match within the next five years.

It's stupid you can't have the signings listed out.

Right, I thought I remembered in the past that if performing a fantasy draft you could establish a draft board for your potential selections and you could see who took gamers and if. The entire draft method is horrible.

They're on some kind of barge at a haven somewhere with what seems like a kidnapped audience which is being held against its will and being kept just alive enough to cheap Madden 21 coins stand there like zombies.

It's so lifeless and bad, it would be better to get rid of the entire back drop and just show the player on the"big screen" and who took them. When doing the beginner draft you can't get your draft board until the draft goes live? Why not? Sounds like a lot of tools have been eliminated, why?

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