5 Steps to Designing a Unique Promotional Calendar

Posted by Rahul Shah on January 21st, 2021

Calendars are an important part of our daily lives. Be it in any form, physical (the ones hanging in your houses) or non-physical (the ones in your gadgets), it helps you in keeping a track of your daily activities. Earlier it was available in the printed format. Today it is in-built into the gadgets we use. However, the relevance of a physical calendar has not decreased.

You can get custom printed calendars these days to promote your business. Custom printed calendars are quite popular among marketers to promote businesses. Custom calendars are one of the cheapest means of promoting business throughout the year. Personalized calendars give an immense amount of brand exposure and increase brand recognition. The foremost reason to include promotional calendars in your next marketing plan is that they are universally appealing to people. Business owners from any industry or line of business can use a custom calendarto promote their goods and services. The only thing to remember here is that your calendars must be designed properly to serve their purpose well. If you want your personalized calendars to occupy the most prominent place in front of your target audience, you need to plan it well. Remember, uniqueness is the key. Anything unique and different always finds the most special place. So your custom printed calendars must be uniquely designed to grab the attention of anybody who sees it.

You can follow these 5 steps to design a unique promotional calendar:

  1.       Choose the right theme: Try to choose a theme that is a blend of your brand associations and your marketing objectives. Use images, graphics, and colors that can be associated with your brand and give a clear picture of what you are marketing. Although a promotional calendar represents your brand, it should not be too corporate. It must be attractive enough to grab the attention of the people. Choose designing elements that make it look alluring and worth possessing.
  2.       Make a portfolio: Make a portfolio of the images and graphics you want to use on each page of the calendar. If your brand offers multiple products or services, you can use suitable images to represent that. Always use high-resolution images as they look very standard and enhance the overall look of the calendar. The entire calendar can serve as a fantastic marketing opportunity for your business, all you have to plan it properly.
  3.       Make it as functional as possible: There are different types of calendars available in the market. Always choose something different unique that will make your calendar stand out from the crowd. Make sure to keep the basic elements as simple as possible because ultimately, the main purpose of a calendar is to display the time of the year. Thus, it is necessary to have a clean appearance so that the dates are visible. To make it more interesting, you can highlight key events and dates for your company. Use simple font type and large font size with proper white space to make it readable from a distance.
  4.       Choose the best finish: If you want your calendar to be unique and different, try to impart a special finish such as matte, glossy or other premium finish. This makes your calendar look very elegant and makes it more durable.
  5.       Hire a professional printing company: The last and final step is to always hire a professional printing company that has prior experience in calendar printing. They will make sure all the elements of designing come together and make your calendar as artistic as possible. Getting your promotional calendars printed from a professional printer increases your chance of reaching more people.

Once you have designed and printed the custom calendars, it’s time to launch and distribute the personalized calendar as early as possible to grab the most prominent space in the house and offices of your target audience. This is a general saying that the first calendar on the wall stays put. The best time to give calendars as promotional giveaways to your customers and prospects is towards the end of the year or the very beginning of a new year. This is the peak time when people generally replace old calendars with new ones to know the events lined up for the entire year.

As brand owners, you must give extra attention to the quality of the products or gifts that reach your target audience. Only when your marketing message reaches the target audience most appropriately, it creates the desired impact. For this reason, most businesses use professional customized calendar printing services. These web-to-print solution providers are professional people who make the best-customized calendars online. They understand the elements of effective designing and produce something that is not only unique but also puts across your marketing messages creatively. One such printing company is PrintStop. PrintStop pays utmost attention to the requirements of its clients and understands their exact needs. Based on the requirement of the business, they design and customize the products. They have an entire section on their website that deals with online calendar printing. They have a wide range of calendar products ranging from name calendars, hanging wall calendars, pyramid calendars, pop-up cube calendars, and lots more. All of these are available at their online storefront. You can either upload your design or get one made exclusively for your brand. So without wasting much time, get started and print calendars online with PrintStop’s calendar printing online services. Go check it out and get your hands on some of the best designs and buy customized calendars online!

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