Investor awareness program in Pakistan

Posted by NCCPL on January 21st, 2021

Financial markets are nothing but an empty vessel without investors who are ready to invest their time, energy, and money. From down lows to up highs, every situation in the market fluctuates with the interests of investors

It has become really important to realize the importance of investor awareness as investor education can help create individuals who are informed, ready to take part, and improve financial stability with the help of collective efforts. In Pakistan, not many people are familiar with the financial terms and stock markets. Resultantly, the investment ratio even in smaller packets is slightly lesser as compared to other countries.

Though recently, investor education has been focused on by CDC and concerned authorities, the outcome is not that prominent. Investor awareness will not only help investors make better financial decisions but would also accentuate sustainability and increase the trust factor.

Main objectives

The main objectives of this initiated program in Pakistan would be to enable investors to think in a better manner and manage risk by understanding the gist of financial matters. It would also help investors put steps forward in financial markets with the required confidence as many people are really afraid to dive into unchartered waters. After investor awareness, people will be able to continue retirement planning smartly and think better with their hard-earned money.

This would also improve the impact area covered by small financial investments and services as it would decrease investor’s vulnerability to Ponzi schemes and shady decisions. Last but not the least, the main objective of investor awareness is to educate the investors about their rights which would help them contemplate and implement ideas within their rights.

Where is Pakistan standing?

A study conducted by Security and Exchange Commission Pakistan (SECP) in 2012 showed that Pakistan performed poorly on all indicators meaning that a lot of work needs to be done in the investor education and awareness sector. As Pakistan aims to improve its economic indicators, there is a dire need to pay attention to investor awareness helping new people come into the financial pool and create opportunities for new and old alike.

Understand what investor awareness is really about can pave new ways for handling financial crises as the year unfolds. If you still have any questions about investor awareness you can contact us. We’ll be happy to help you out.

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