Top 6 Best Recommendations for Live Streaming Channels in 2021

Posted by Mjunoon Tv on January 21st, 2021

Top 6 Best Recommendations for Live Streaming Channels in 2021

Your streaming options aren’t exhausted once you decide to put down the wire. There are many live TV apps that offer more than just convenience.

It’s a widely known fact that we are living in an era full of subscriptions and enjoyable content. Streaming platforms are offering premium services at unbelievable rates making us binge-watch series and even films. Series after series of our favorite content makes us stick to the screen throughout the day. Who would have thought that this would be possible even without a wire going in the back of our screens? Well, this is the power of live streaming.

From a game of thrones to breaking bad, all of these flicks offer more than just entertainment they offer a timeless experience that might remain evergreen even when we are counting our days. With cable, you don’t have the freedom to surf channels on the go, a fixed count determines your day-to-day entertainment and in a world of endless possibilities who wants to be confined to a restricted mode?

There are a ton of free live tv streaming services out there but surely some are better and contain more content. When it’s about choosing a service, people fairly select it on the basis of variety, simply more the merrier. We tried diving back into the ocean of seamless experiences to find services that might interest you, here are our results. is a one of a kind OTT platform that offers unparalleled live streaming services. If you are a fan of Urdu flicks and love to watch content that appeals to your taste, then mjunoon is your best bet. The biggest advantage of choosing mjunoon as your streaming partner is that it is completely free. Just sign up and enjoy a hassle-free experience. 


One of the best streams that you can possibly ask for. The asking price is for a month which might seem quite a lot but for hassle-free simultaneous streams that can be shared by up to 6 people, it somewhat seems suitable. With it, you also get access to unlimited DVR storage helping you watch shows that you might have missed, sometimes deliberately (pun intended). With the inclusion of popular channels such as NBA and MLB, it’s a good deal to strike.

Hulu + Live tv

A combination of live tv and streamable content makes Hulu one of the best options to select from. Though on-demand options might be confusing because of the mix up with live offerings, original shows like castle rock make up for that. There is a large price variation ranging from to for on-demand content with and without ads. NFL, MLB, and NBA tv are not available on Hulu so you might have to look elsewhere.

Sling tv

If you are looking for the best stream with affordable rates, then Sling TV is your go-to service. Sling box has come a long way since the inception of that bizarre box and now offers versatile streaming services for those who love a change. Misleading price marketing and the unavailability of family accounts make it a tough choice though. If you are over the drawbacks and would still opt for good services in an affordable package, then the sling is for you.

Fubo Tv

If you are a sports enthusiast and love Spanish content, then Fubo might be your choice. Fubo and sling both are somewhat similar but the main difference would be that of the base price. The packaging choice would depend on your needs because Fubo does have 110 channels plus those on demand. Then again for those who choose Fubo, sports love takes over other preferences. Just make sure that you know what you are getting into before clicking on that subscribe button.

Others that you might like

Alongside these known content reservoirs, you can also tap into Philo TV, A digital antenna, and Peacock premium. These services are known for a bulk of channels that you might be looking for but these options offer a lack of variety. The choice is all yours, after all, you are the one paying. 


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