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Posted by amandatom on September 16th, 2014

There are more than enough ways of making your home look different than you can imagine. The wide array of furniture design that is available today simply belies belief. Shabby chic online stores offer a different kind of furniture and there are stores that offer reclaimed wood furnitures that have a completely different design altogether.

Shabby chic furniture is also known as distress furniture. This is a unique furniture design that makes the products look as if they are worn due to wear and tear. These furniture items can actually be old items or the new ones are designed in such a way that they have that shabby look.

There is a special procedure used for designing shabby furniture. If the furniture items are really old, they have usually been painted with new layers over the years. And the way the painting is done, glimpses of the layers are visible. If the furniture items are new, they are first painted and glazed and then the top layer is sanded so that the base layer of wood is visible in places. This is how distressing is done to make the furniture pieces look old. These furniture items are not available in all furniture stores. There are specific shabby chic online stores where you can find these pieces.

Now you may question the need of buying such furniture pieces when you have brand new furniture items to showcase in your living room. But this is precisely why this form of designing is used. These furniture items cannot be seen in every home. It is their relative rarity that makes them special. Visit a shabby chic online store and you could fall in love with the items up for sale.

And if don’t care for such worn looking furniture, there is always the option of choosing the modern designs. But here also, you can contribute to a greener planet by choosing reclaimed wood furnitures.

Reclaimed wood is derived from wood that has been discarded. All of us know that trees need to be felled to produce lumber. What we don’t realize is that a lot of wood gets wasted and is simply discarded. Then think about all the furniture people discard when they buy new furniture. Tons and tons of wood simply get dumped in one place and they rot. If more people started using reclaimed wood furnitures, can you see how many trees could be saved? And the good news is that more people have now become aware of this type of furniture and they are paying to buy these items.

The great thing about reclaimed wood furnitures is that these items are not low quality. Reclaimed wood is first processed so that it becomes fit for furniture making. Only then does the actual manufacturing start. You will different varied styles in furniture made from reclaimed wood and some of them are bound to make you sit up and take notice. Or else, you always have the option of opting to buy from shabby chic online stores.

Think different about buying furniture. Consider buying reclaimed wood furnitures or visiting shabby chic online stores.

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