Dos of Usage of Stock Footages

Posted by ukaizen on January 21st, 2021

Stock footages provide high-quality videos that have been already made to be suitable for a vast number of themes. Finding the type of clip that is suitable for the kind of corporate video maker you want to make, molding it, and fit into the project saves time and money. However, if some careful considerations are not taken into account, it might ruin the great work done. There are some dos and don’ts to be taken into account to make stock footages work wonders for you. Following is the list:


1. Explore the chosen library

Many resources for stock footages are pain and lack of planning may exceed the budget of the whole project. So, explore what kind of footages are available and find the clips that you might need. If you need help, there are stock forums where experienced users will help you. In addition, determine which footages will be useful in transition between scenes. Conduct a cursory search to determine what is available and what fits.

2. Do contextual test

The way stock shots are matched is important in a great video. It provides contextual meaning. If you want the stock shot to just fit in or you need a contrast to introducing another scene, there needs to be clarity. To gain that clarity, perform the contextual test. A watermarked preview will enable to determine if everything fits well.

3. Determine the role of stock footage

Determine what role the stock footage will play. Is it an establishing shot or wide open shot? Stock footages can take you to places that do not even exist. Explore what is beyond the green screen. Stock can appear in reflections, through windows, or on tablets and phone which are on set.

4. Make sure nothing is outdated or will be outdated soon

While making a video, ensure the footage will not be outdated quickly or already outdated. It will lose the relevancy and the video will lose its credibility. If people are using iPhone 4 in 2018, it will look odd.

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