Beat the Post-Holiday Work Slump with These 4 Tips

Posted by Successories on January 21st, 2021

The start of a new year can be an interesting time, but is it productive? We often spend the end of the year thinking about prior accomplishments and discussing goals for the future. But after the winter break, we might lose track of our motivation. When you’re a team leader, you also need to consider your employees’ motivation. As any leader knows, getting the team moving in the right direction is a matter of communication, recognition, and inspiration. Here are four things you can do to motivate your team at the start of the year.

Set Big, Aspirational Goals and Make Them Public

One way to motivate a group is by setting a big, aspirational goal for everyone to work toward. After all, teamwork is all about each team member contributing their unique skills toward a common goal. The bigger the goal, the better, but be sure to keep the goal in the realm of possibility. Every company and each team will be different, so consider what your goals were last year and what was achieved, then use these markers as the template for this year’s goal.

Meet with Every Team Member Individually

Whether you’re in the office or working remotely, the workplace can be hectic at the start of the year. There might be all sorts of work to catch up on, and it doesn’t help that many people are still in holiday vacation mode. Amid all this chaos, some team members might fall through the cracks or feel unnoticed. Although some might thrive in all-hands-on-deck situations, others might struggle to kick into high gear. Holding short, individual meetings with everyone can help you connect, learn more about their individual goals, and set the tone for the start of the year.

Celebrate Wins with Appreciation Gifts

Achievement can help foster motivation, and recognizing every win, no matter how big or small, can help inspire the team to keep going. While your team might not be slaying dragons at the beginning of the year, small achievements—like setting a meeting with a prospect who’s been hard to reach—are worth acknowledging and celebrating. These small wins can accumulate into bigger successes. When you see someone doing good work, give out small appreciation gifts and acknowledge their achievements publicly.

It Starts with Leadership

Handing out motivational executive gifts and meeting with team members is a great start, but you must remember that your team takes its cues from you. You might be talking about how it’s time for everyone to buckle down and hit the ground running, but if you’re still in holiday mode or nowhere to be found, your team will notice and follow your lead.

But, if you show up every day in January and follow the advice you’ve been giving to your team, you can inspire them to follow suit, whether you’re in the office or online.

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