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Posted by dressalfron on September 17th, 2014

To dress fashionable overhangs, of course, best costume theme will combine color and fashion colors. If too late to pick a chic dress, it simply could not buy a simple style --- black, open collar, sleeveless, simple and subtle, never out of date. Then fine detail to dotting. Exquisite embroidered shawl fringed leather slippers with heightening can exhibit lethargy old lady style; rose pink suede handbags plus coral necklace, full of romance.


  Can not appear in the same face every time, right? This requires the details and spend more time. A gorgeous shawl, shining necklace, a pair of dazzling earrings, a dainty bracelet, are ordinary clothes to dress the way to convert the easy way out. Scarves, headwear ...... avant-garde elements are introduced into the carrier, your level best embodies fashion, must be Costly, but also to pursue alternative, do not follow the crowd. But remember that when worn, cut are not full-on, be sure to refinement. Handbag styles must complete in order to meet different occasions.

Temporary work, the boss suddenly to inform you that night with him for important receptions. Nature can not go home and change, are also temporary street repairing? It is at this time a small vest best helper. European designers introduced the daytime, night dual gorgeous little vest. Buy one with beads, embroidery, flash material vest, coat worn during the day, the scenery is not significant; evening off his jacket, sexy, luxurious atmosphere immediately apparent. As for the color thing, want a little eye-catching optional red, powder Chromic, subtle is the optional black, gray --- guaranteed not to let the boss of your dress rolling his eyes.

white evening dress, elegant and noble temperament, and a symbol of female snow-white quality. Usually requires a bright evening dress embellishment to make it in the star-studded night, flash fabric, folds, lace, sequins, or precious stones, dazzling.
   Red - Red passionate, red dress leaving women seem charming. Bright red, will burn throughout the night. Therefore, you can add on a red lotus leaf fabric to balance the impact of red, people become soft, sweet and more.

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