Revolutionary Change in the Packaging Industry with Phenomenal Products

Posted by acemachinery on September 18th, 2014

The packaging industry is radically changing and products delivered in presentable and attractive packages can only ensure that customers will be drawn towards buying them. Packaging in a decent and appealing way plays a crucial role for marketing of all products from the smallest to the largest. Today, the packaging industry is witnessing massive changes with growing demands of packing. No wonder, the demand of automatic packaging machine is high at present. ACEMachinery, a Korean based company presents to the world its diversified automatic packaging, automatic carton packing machine, carton gluing machine, etc.

Gone are the days, when packaging of products was done by large team of skilled workers. To accelerate work pace at factories and reduce operational cost by shrinking manpower, automatic packaging machines were introduced. Let’s have a look at the functions of these machines.

Sophisticated in design and packed with amazing features, these units are recognised as state-of-art machines that are capable of prompt packing of anything in single-layer boxes or specialized boxes. Whether it is about packing large products or small products like spices, pesticides, grains, chemicals, cleaner, shampoo, etc., the packaging machine takes care of everything.

The automatic packaging machine is sturdy in structure and has a stainless steel body. They are extremely reliable and tough in construction and dimensionally accurate. Remember, the types of packaging machines are found in a range of options, wherein each machine has its own function and capable of packing different items. Technically updated, such units come with tensile strength and compact construction; and aids in flexible production. With these machines, it is feasible to pack various forms and also irregular shaped products without much difficulty. The durability of these machines clubbed with unmatched performance make them the most demanding in today’s packaging industry. These marvellous units are constructed by using high quality raw grade materials to ensure reliable performance. Indeed, these precisely engineered machines are acclaimed for its durable standards and effectiveness.

In this regard, the Signature/Premier machine deserves a special mention as introduced by ACEMachinery, a pioneer in carton gluing machine manufacturer in Korea. The unit is designed to meet demands of customers and also of markets. Based on its strong frame structure, such a unit ensures easy maintenance, convenient operation preparations, free applications, long service life and so on. Experts of the company believe that only efficient and sturdy units can deliver best performance as required in the industry.

While, you need packaging machines to wrap in products, you need automatic gluing machines at the same time. It is to paste and glue corrugated box flaps, instead of stitching them.

Functions of Automatic Gluing Units

Indeed, the gluing machine is new-concept machinery, which is capable of handling different types of paper boxes perfectly and promptly. Such machines ensure high-speed performance and bring maximum convenience for operators and also for the production being made. For instance, Signature Elite, a product of ACEMachinery is notable. The unit is sturdy in design and there is no need for re-assembling when operation is required to be changed from small to big products through adopting the up or down method in the middle carrier.

Thus, it can be concluded that there is no doubt why the packaging industry is seeing phenomenal changes with introductions of revolutionary machines in this realm.  

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