Maintain a Green Lawn and Garden Area with Liquid Fertilizer Sprayer and Save Ti

Posted by loveofsoil on September 18th, 2014

A beautiful lawn and a manicured garden area are most desirable. However, not everyone can ensure a green lawn since it requires maintenance and attention at regular intervals. The application of liquid fertilizer sprayer can save you a great deal of time and at the same time ensure a flourishing lawn and garden area. While it becomes absolutely easy to keep pests at bay, control of pest attacks in your garden area; you need to invest in a lot of money since you can do the job of spraying with a hand-wielded power sprayer.  

Here, we bring to you certain benefits that you get to enjoy with a liquid sprayer

  • Save a lot of time by watering the garden and lawn area with the sprayer. Since fertilizer is mixed in the unit with liquid, a hose-end applicator or backpack sprayer helps in spraying without any hassle. You simply need to start on the unit and keep the liquid fertilizer ready in it.
  • The process saves you a huge amount of money. Since applying liquids does not require bulky and expensive equipment, you need not worry about buying granular fertilizer applicator. Also, there is no need of over applying liquid fertilizer since it is in liquid form and it reaches directly into the soil to the roots of plants, sufficiently nourishing and nurturing the greens.
  • With this machine, you can safely apply organic liquid fertilizer, which is particularly healthy and safe for your lawn and garden area. Since organic fertilizer is safe for pets and children, you can walk on the green spread immediately after spraying
  • Using a liquid agricultural power sprayer means a greener planet. Unlike granular fertilizer, which sits on top of grasses, liquid fertilizer brings in less environmental impact. What is good for the environment indeed serves to the safety of the surrounding.
  • The best part about liquid fertilizers is that they can be evenly spread with the sprayer without having to worry about heavy spray on some parts and scarce spray on the rest. Instead of burning the grass, the fertilizer nutrients present in it are readily absorbed by plant roots and grass. This ensures that the fertilizer is highly effective for nourishment of greens, small plants and bushes in your garden and lawn zones

Love of Soil 119, a renowned manufacturer of agricultural power sprayer in Korea is dedicated towards taking care of soil and every life on Earth. With development and advancement in agricultural technologies, the company has been engaged in manufacturing a range of agricultural equipment and introduce scientific farming.

Today, the farming and agricultural industry is witnessing sea-changing results due to invigorating equipments as introduced by many pioneering companies across the world. Of the lot, Love of Soil 119 deserves special mention. Indeed, the gardening industry is bound to augment in nourishment and development with more such revolutionizing agricultural equipment.  Hence, the future is not too far when the world is going to rise in the dawn of a greener planet filled with more plants, beautiful flowers, trees, crops, etc.  

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