Why do brands need custom rigid boxes?

Posted by Edward Smyth on January 21st, 2021

Entrepreneurs and brands are hooked to custom rigid boxes. They use them as a tool for marketing and promoting their brands. If you are confident that your brand stands apart from the mundane products in the market and that the intended target market must prefer them, then you should make the most of custom rigid boxes. We understand that this packaging type is an expensive one. Because of this reason, small and medium-sized companies can package a limited stock of their products using custom rigid boxes. It will help companies in saving money and stirring interest among the targeted audiences.  

Not all companies can promote their products through advertising for different reasons. It does not mean that companies cannot use other tools to promote products and entice their customers. Companies can rely on custom rigid boxes to provide a unique brand experience to their customers. This experience cannot be sensed through media marketing. As a brand, you must never forget that customers love interacting with their favorite products and brands. Whenever possible, provide customers a chance to interact with your products through custom rigid boxes. Despite realizing that custom rigid packaging is expensive countless companies and brands are opting for it because of reasons which may include; 

Custom rigid packaging helps with brand differentiation

Almost all mainstream categories of tangible products are crowded with countless brands and companies competing for market share. Simply using rigid boxes will help your products outshine the competition in the related category. It will help customers identify your products instantly and easily. Imagine your brand sitting in all its packaging glory on the shelves of the retail. Imagine the retail traffic of potential customers that will be drawn to it. Even if they do not buy your product for some reason, imagine the brand exposure your brand can enjoy through the use of custom rigid boxes.  

Many smart companies use classy add-ons on rigid boxes. One of the most sophisticated add-ons for custom rigid packaging is Spot UV. Spot UV is a deluxe detail that creates a lasting impression and adds gloss to specified areas instead of the whole surface. 

Custom rigid boxes help with marketing

You, as a brand, must never let go of the opportunity to brand your packaging. Make sure to use the corporate identity of your business. Especially when you are using custom rigid boxes to give a luxurious look and feel to your collection of products, do not ignore using your corporate logo and tagline to break through the clutter. Remember, your luxury custom rigid box packaging will carry your brand’s identity elements wherever it goes. These branding elements will be visible on the surface for everyone to see till the time packaging perishes. Under all circumstances, the brands must make sure that their custom rigid packaging reflects the high-quality of your products.   

Use flawless opening designs and finishes  

Your custom rigid packaging must provide ease of unpackaging to your customers. It is such a turnoff when the recipients have to use hammers and tools to destroy the beautifully packaged custom rigid boxes. Or when they cannot figure out how to unwrap this premium collection of products placed in front of them. Options like magnetic closure rigid boxes provide seamless opening and closing options for this luxurious packaging type. The recipients of these packages will be able to use it long after the products inside finish and will be reminded of the respective brand every time they use it. 

Creating custom rigid boxes is not an easy task. Sometimes the brands want meticulous detailing on these boxes, which might involve labor work. It increases the manufacturing cost of these boxes and may require more time to conclude the project.  When ordering these boxes, mitigate the risk factors by only selecting the best packaging companies. These companies must have experience manufacturing custom rigid boxes according to the unique demands of their clients.

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