Top Trends of Shaker Corner Cabinet!

Posted by thecabinetspot on September 19th, 2014

When it comes to fixing cabinets in the kitchen, space is the essence. With modern kitchens affording you much lesser space than before, every single inch needs to be utilized. That is the reason the corner cabinets have become more popular and occupy their place with pride. When this is combined with a shaker cabinet, the result is simply outstanding.

Shaker cabinets, of any shade or variety, offer you a ‘neat’ look. It can fit any kitchen, irrespective of rustic, traditional or modern settings. The streamlined body offers a subtle beauty to the surroundings, and the effect seems to increase over the months and years. A shaker cabinet, in a beautiful variety of colors and a stable wood like maple wood, can offer the ‘look’ you are aiming at, for the heart of your home, your kitchen.

When it comes to trends in these shaker cabinets, one cannot quite point out the exact color or variant that is making people wild about purchasing it. This is because, shaker cabinets, in themselves, are the most sought-after commodity in the cabinet market. People love the feel of stableness and the matured look it gives to the room. So, these cabinets are all time favorite in many parts of the world.

Moreover, as a corner cabinet, nothing can suit better than a real shaker assembly, to match with the others present already in your kitchen. The simple and magnificent design allows you to experiment with these shaker cabinets and fit it into the corner space you have allocated for this new addition. Since the corner cabinets, sometimes tend to have a little irregular shape and size, having a shaker door, with streamlined design makes it easier to fit the space provided.

Any shaker cabinets would do for building a corner cabinet. You can either have a solid one door side cabinet or two small door ones, to provide you with compartmentalized space. Whatever the type you go for, make sure to match it exactly with the already present cabinets in the kitchen, to provide uniformity.

There is none other option that will suit better as a corner cabinet, than the cabinets with shaker styled doors. So, the next time you plan to add a small corner cabinet or renovate the already existing one, try to buy a shaker cabinet and see the transformation it brings into an already elegant room.

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