Army and Navy admiral challenge coins- Stand for many things

Posted by dunitzsantrino on September 19th, 2014

Presenting a challenge coin to any person of the armed forces is a formal way of accepting the soldier’s services and is a mark of respect and a token of appreciation. The tremendous courage and bravery of soldiers on their duty are rewarded using challenge coins. These challenge coins need to be always carried by the holders, some of them are awarded for representing their unit and a few represent commemoration for outstanding performances. Sometime these challenge coins will be exchanged among team mates, and this symbolizes the respect towards each other within unit. One more interesting aspect of challenge coins is, if someone steals the challenge coin or misses it then penalty will be applied for the coin holder for not securing the challenge coin properly. All the armed forces will have their departmental wise challenge coins: -

•Military challenge coin
•Navy challenge coin
•Army challenge coin
•Marine challenge coin
•Coast guard challenge coin
•Fire fighter challenge coin
•Law enforcement challenge coin
•Police challenge coin
•Custom challenge coin

Army challenge coin

Army challenge coins are a symbol of many things, as a token of appreciation and thanks to our brave and courageous soldiers. In the army, if any one member requests to other to produce Army challenge coin on spot they need to do it. If they fail to do so, they have to purchase a drink for the challenger, if he produced the coin, then the person challenging him had to buy a drink. This practise too has been about for a long time. The pride of owning Army challenge coin is indescribable and can be experienced only by a member who owns it.

Army challenge coins will be cherished and preserved for the future generation. Many soldiers display these at home and a few get special cases made to save it properly.

Navy Challenge coin

One should have a strong commitment towards his/ her work to be in this department. Acknowledging the sacrifices made by our soldiers and to cherish those moments, commanding officers will present Navy challenge coins. Navy challenge coins will be made up of different kind of metals, but nickel is the most preferred alloy. Navy challenge coins will be engraved with the emblem of unit and at times you can also see the event mentioned on it.

Many companies design the challenge coins and custom challenge coins today as a business given their growing popularity and importance.

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