Challenge coins and fire fighter challenge coins- for honouring heroic actions

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Overview of challenge coins

The custom of challenge coins started in World War 1. From then onwards it has become a traditional practise to award challenge coins to all the branches of armed forces. Military, Marine, Navy, Army, Coast guard, Law enforcement, Fire fighting and many branches receive respective challenge coins. Each of these units present challenge coins for commemorating outstanding bravery, to remember the sacrifices they have made as a memory, for bravery and courageous performances on and beyond the call of duty. Apart from all this you have many custom challenge coins that are used for various occasions. Usually challenge coins will be awarded to the soldiers by their commanding officers on special occasions such as national festivals, Flag Day, army day and so on.

These challenge coins will be presented to individuals and in some situations to family members for all their support and sacrifices they have made for the safety of their nation. Challenge coins are made of many core metals such as bronze, copper, aluminium, gold, silver and platinum. They come in different shapes, sizes and dimensions with each unit’s emblem on it. Apart from armed forces division, there are many other agencies and institutions who give challenge coins as a mark of appreciation and respect.

Many companies work with expert teams to design these unique challenge coins and there is much variety in challenge coins today. Many offer you free shipping services and free quotations on the designed challenge coins, promising you to deliver within 5 days from the day of order.

Fire fighter challenge coins

Fire fighter challenge coins are awarded to those who put their lives into risk to climb burning buildings and tackle disastrous situations to save others..

For their tremendous courage, bravery, prompt action and for putting their lives in danger to save the lives of other people, no commemoration is good enough. They too have family and kids and without even bothering about their happiness, they struggle hard to save others. One needs a strong and brave heart and strength to be a fire fighter.

Appreciation to their fearlessness in their job can be best expressed through a fire fighter challenge coin. As a token of thanks with great honour and respect fire fighter challenge coins will be rewarded to individuals and as a great commendation for their families for their support and sacrifice.

Few fire fighter challenge coins are also dedicated to the teams of the fire department. For the struggle they have undergone to save society from fire accidents. These Fire fighter challenge coins will be dated with the date of accidents as a remembrance of the sacrifices they have made for the safety of others.

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