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Posted by tedmark on September 19th, 2014

Cars are an owner’s pride, be it of any model, form or design. But, there a lot of things that come along with it if one own a car. For example, MOT Salisbury for cars is one thing every residents of the place should know and abide by. While many of us have come across the word MOT, or might have encountered an MOT test; the importance of the same is not clear to many. Car MOT Salisbury has a definite schedule which is not only scientific but helpful too.

MOT is the abbreviation of Ministry of Transport. It is a test conducted at annual intervals checking three main aspects:

ü  Safety and condition of the vehicle;

ü  Emissions and their level; and

ü  Worthiness of the vehicle on road.

Formed under the Road Traffic Act of 1988, MOT keeps under check all the necessary details of the cars. There is a classification schedule which is followed, a detail of which is as follows:

  • Type I : For motor cycles till 200cc along with or without side cars.
  • Type II: All motor cycles along with or without side cars.
  • Type III: Vehicles with 3 wheels weighing 450kg and more weight unladen excluding along with or without side cars.
  • Type IV: 3 wheeled vehicles including 12 seat ambulances, taxis etc weighing more than 450kg of the unladen weight.
  • Type V: For private 13 seat passenger vehicles
  • Type VI or PSV: For vehicles used for public services having more than 8 seat allocations.
  • Type VII: Vehicles which carry goods and weigh 3000 to 3500DGW.
  • HGV Test: Vehicles that carry goods weighing more than 3500 DGW.

MOT Salisbury and car MOT Salisbury are conducted to check the aspects as stated below:

  1. Brakes of the vehicle;
  2. Eye sight condition of the vehicle on road;
  3. The equipments that deal with signalling and lightning;
  4. Inclusive of suspension steering;
  5. Wheels;
  6. Tyres;
  7. Seat belts;
  8. Body of the vehicle;
  9. Structure of the vehicle;
  10. Motors and devices of the vehicle;
  11. Fuel consumption;
  12. Degree of emission; and
  13. Limit of exhaust.

MOT test covers all these aspects and finds out the problems of your vehicle. Also, it provides you the license to ride your car with zero problems. Retests are conducted at each interval which should be followed and maintained because it is a must to have a safe and sound vehicle. As a civil citizen, it is important to abide by MOT so that neither your life nor your vehicle is at risk.

MOT Salisbury is almost like a safety band which ensures you and your vehicles protection. Often, we miss a thing or two marking them trivial, but often, a trivial thing turns into something major. Car MOT Salisbury ensures, therefore, that nothing trivial acts as a hindrance for you. A vehicle needs a detailed overview check up, and so does the driver, because, prevention is better than cure.

MOT Salisbury is a must for you and your vehicle because car MOT Salisbury ensure a detailed check up of you and your vehicle.

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