What is spray fireproofing?

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Fireproofing Contractors in Brampton classify Spray Fireproofing into two types: Active Spray fireproofing and Passive Spray Fireproofing.

An excellent example of Active Spray fireproofing is water sprinklers' used in basements, which gets activated once the nozzle of pipes reaches a specific temperature in case of fire and water starts getting sprinkled from the overhead lines.

However, Spray Fireproofing Contractors in Brampton find the Passive Spray Fireproofing much more secure. It involves pre-coating or spraying insulated material on steel structures like beams, columns, girders, etc. So that in case of fire, the temperature of steel structures remains low, and fire never starts.

Types of Passive Spray Fireproofing

The insulating materials used in Passive Fireproofing are known as spray-applied fire-resistant materials (SFRM). Now, based on the type of insulating material used, Passive Spray Fireproofing is divided into two types –

  • Cementitious fireproofing
  • Intumescent fireproofing

Both of them are explained for you below –

Cementitious Fireproofing

It involves coating all the steel materials using Portland Cement. Their temperature remains low, thereby providing insulation so that steel never attains its ignition temperature in case of fire hazard. This lets steel structures maintain their strength, and they do not collapse under heavy fire.

Intumescent fireproofing

Spray fireproofing contractors in Brampton suggest that going for this fireproofing provides a smoother surface to your structures. In this fireproofing, the coating applied to your structure gets thicker when coming in contact with heat under fire conditions than the initial coating thickness. This increase in coating thickness further increases the structure's insulation and fire resistance and prevents it from catching fire.

Need for Basement Insulation

People generally tend to build basements but then forget to take care of it. If you also do the same, you might invite molds to your basements, which generate a very foul smell. Apart from that, these growing molds climb to your room walls and make the overall look of your home appear very dull and shabby.

So, it doesn't matter whether you are in Whitby or any other location. Basement insulation is needed to be done at the earliest so that you can suppress molds even before they start growing.

How Basement Insulation Protects your Basement

Before knowing how Basement insulation protects your basement, you need to know what helps molds grow inside the basement. Thinking of the basement gives an image of a dark room having leaky wet walls, and this dark environment with moisture and oxygen content is the invitation for molds to attack the walls of your basement. If it is not controlled, then there are high chances of structural failure of your basement.

By controlling the above conditions that assist in mold growth, you can easily protect your basement. Spray foam basement insulation in Whitby is popular for protecting your home's basements from mold growth.

But it would be best if you always searched for a company with skilled professionals as you cannot carry out spray foam basement Insulation on your own. The spray foaming technique fills all the cavities on the wall that are the source for molds.

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