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Posted by Johny Dean on September 19th, 2014

Watches are timepieces consisting of numerous moving parts that require regular verifications. For such checkings, as well as for watch repairs Liverpool or watch repairs Merseyside, watch owners are recommended they visit a watch repair shop.

Statistics show that the most common types of watch repairs are those referring to battery replacements, watch band adjustments, dial repairs, resealing and pressure testing. Other repairs that can take place in a watch repair shop are ultrasonic cleaners, service and overhauls, and full restorations.

Some of these repairs are easy, but they have to be performed by a professional, to guarantee success. Moreover, if the watch still benefits from manufacturer’s warranty, trying to repair the watch yourself could lead to voiding the warranty.

Let us take battery replacements as an example. If your watch needs a battery replacement, just go to a watch repair shop. There, they have batteries for almost all watch brands, and also the needed skills and experience to perform this operation successfully.

The first thing that is done is to remove the back case from the watch. Then, with the help of some specific tools, the old battery is removed, and then replaced by the new one. Afterwards, the back of the watch is put in its original position.

Watch band adjustments are as common as battery replacements, when it comes to watch repairs Liverpool or watch repairs Merseyside. Bands can be either extended or tightened. Watch band resizing takes more than a battery replacement, but it can still be performed in several minutes by a professional.

An operation that takes much more time is the one that refers to watch dial repairs. The dial is the actual face of a watch. Due to various conditions, dials can become discoloured, accumulate dirt under crystals, or lose some of their letters or numbers.

Restoring a watch dial can be extremely challenging at times, especially if the watch is vintage. Watchmakers need to do an extensive research to be able to provide the watch with its initial look. However, nothing is impossible for dedicated watch repair specialists.

Watch resealing and pressure testing are operations connected to watches that present a certain resistance to water. Most watches are designed to work for some time at a certain depth, usually around 200 m. And these operations are necessary after a battery replacement, dial repair, or any other type of service.

After solving a problem, like replacing a dead battery by a new one, watchmakers do not expect only the battery to function properly, but the entire watch to run smoothly. That is why watch resealing and pressure testing are necessary, to guarantee the watch owner that he can continue to immerse his watch in water and still be able to use it as a timepiece.

There are many types of watch repairs, from the easy battery replacements and watch band adjustments to the more complicated dial repairs, overhauls and full restorations. If you are interested in any of these types of watch repairs Liverpool or watch repairs Merseyside, we are there for you. We service a high number of watch brands, are open the entire week, and deliver only the best results.

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