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Posted by Broadband Provider on January 22nd, 2021

You can find a lot many to opt for broadband. The market is relatively new, as it has been around that we are using dial-up connections of 56kbps. Nowadays, internet speeds of upto 100Mbps are available in residential Broadband Services in Bhubaneswarand that is even faster in business broadband.

It isn't very clear to select a broadband connection. Here, in this paper, we will help you understand the importance of download speed, contract length, data allowances, and other broadband aspects like IP address, e-mails, free webspace, latency speed, and upload speed.


Latency Speed

Latency or ping is the response time from the server. If you do a speed test, you can know the upload, download, and ping speed. Ping is essential for time activities like streaming and video chat. If browsing is not better than 50 milliseconds, you'll get breaks over the communication while talking over the internet. Therefore, this is important while talking with your relatives and friends over the internet or making a video call or chats with them.

E-mail Addresses       

Many providers will provide you either single or multiple free e-mail addresses. You can use these in your business and get the opportunity to save the expenses. If you have a Broadband Services in Odisha package that contains webspace and e-mail addresses, then you have everything required for your business at your location.

Upload Speeds

Upload speed is the internet speed at which you send information. This includes sending files on social network sites like sending pictures, videos, audio, e-mails, website data, and anything that requires sending information upstream.

Here, the uploading speeds are not as important as downloading speed for some users; however, upload speed is an essential part for some other users. The upload speeds in the residential packages are around 0.5Mbps, and for the business packages, it is about five times faster, i.e., about 2.5Mbps like that of Eclipse broadband.

Fixed IP Address

A fixed IP address is not much important for broadband, but it is very important for business consumers and gamers. A fixed IP address can help you access your computer from a remote location far from your home and office. A fixed IP address identifies your computer because most of the residential broadband packages have a dynamic address that changes each time you log-in to the internet.

The dynamic address means you cannot access your computer because you need an IP address to do so. It is important to have a fixed IP address in gaming to connect with the servers and multiplayer games, especially on routers, which requires a fixed IP address to function correctly.

A Note on Download Speeds

The download speed of broadband is measured to an accurate figure. The Advertising Standard Agencies have increased transparency in the advertisements. So the internet service providers must advertise the internet speeds that are easily attainable in their networks, which was not possible in the recent past.

However, the speed can be accessible by around 90% of the customers due to the decrease of speed over distance on ASDL. Even fiber-to-the-cabinet has a decreased speed and can't attain full fiber speed unless a fiber-to-the-home package for like Signafy broadband is installed.

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