Shot Blasting Exeter: Understanding the Key Methods from a Pragmatic Viewpoint

Posted by AmandaTom on September 20th, 2014

 Shot blasting is the industrial method used for cleaning, strengthening and polishing different types of metals. Shot blasting Exeter professionals work across different industries where metal applications are widely used. Some of the key industries that are served by these professionals are construction, aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, foundry, rail, just to name a few. Both air blasting and wheel blasting are used for metal cleaning and strengthening. If you are looking to hire the best shot blasting Devon or Exeter professionals, you should research online and locate the best professionals in this trade.

What is wheel blasting?

Wheel blasting is a type of shot blasting procedure intended for converting motor energy into abrasive energy. In this process, a turbine wheel is used for energy conversion. Wheel capacity varies from 60 kilograms per minute up to 1200 kilograms per minute. Wheel blasting is used for de-rusting, de-scaling, de-sanding and de-burring large metal parts. There are highly efficient shot blasting Exeter professionals who can cleanse and strengthen different types and forms of metal parts using the wheel blasting technique. The mode of transportation of the industrial components actually determines the machine size and type. From rather simple table machines to more sophisticated and comparatively larger automatic machines, different sizes and types of machines can be used for cleansing and strengthening the metals.

What is air blasting?

Air blasting machines come in different forms, including blast cabinets and blast rooms. The shot blasting media is accelerated by air compression and projected through high-velocity nozzles. Wet blasting is also used by shot blasting Devon professionals for a handful of applications. In this process, water is used as a media. The jet nozzles and high-velocity nozzles are installed or manually operated in this procedure. Some professionals also employ robots (auto-manipulators) for accelerating the procedure. The nature of the blasting assignment actually determines which specific type of abrasive media to be used. Free running and dry abrasive media is used in majority of cases.

Cross-industry applications

Shot blasting Exeter is most commonly used for engraving. 3D signage is also created using the shot blasting method. For glazing and acrylic designing, this method is often employed. For a variety of stone, brick and concrete work, sand blasting is used. On the other hand, metal blasting used for strengthening metal applications.

How can you find the best professionals?

Shot blasting Devon professionals can be found effortlessly by researching on the web. Now-a-days, blasting and steel fabrication professionals prefer to connect with their prospective customers through their websites, as it is a convenient option for both parties. You can just visit the website of a local shot blasting professional and invite a price quote.

While this is true that there are quite a few precision machining companies in Devon and Exeter, there are actually a handful of them who specialize in all spectrums of fabrication, shot blasting etc. Therefore, the challenge is to find a comprehensive service provider in Devon or Exeter. You can find the best professionals in this field by going online.

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