Shot blasting Exeter services: The techniques and technologies used

Posted by AmandaTom on September 20th, 2014

The process by which rough metal surfaces are polishing up to make them shiny glazed is referred to as shot blasting. For this, several tools are put to use, namely, air guns, spinning paddles, etc. The process rids metal surfaces from all sorts of coverings, such as, rust, paint, scale, impurities, etc. Depending on what needs to be removed, the shot materials are selected. The most common types are sand, steel balls, silicon carbides, etc. Shot blasting Exeter services are sought by almost all industries, some being automobiles, aerospace, foundry, shipbuilding, railways and construction. Shot blasting services are rendered by companies responsible for steel fabrications Exeter.

Shot blasting Exeter providers perform the job in two processes, viz., airblasting and wheelblasting. The machines for airblasting use nozzles to blow out compressed air on the metal surface removing the roughness from the top. Wet blasting is another form of airblasting in which a certain kind water-media mix is used. For both the cases, the nozzles can be set at a particular angle or used manually or through robots. Deciding on the blasting task, you need to find the right kind of abrasive media used. The steel fabrications Exeter companies first mold out the metal and at a later stage the impurities or excesses are blasted out from the surface to unveil the shiny façade inside.

Wheelblasting on the other hand uses a machine set with a wheel that relies on energy conversion from electric to kinetic. The wheel of the machine is capacitated to work at 60Kgs to 1200Kgs every minute. The abrasive technology installed in the system is very effective in doing large expanses of facades in one go. These shot blasting Exeter machines are highly effective in desanding, descaling, deburring, derusting, etc. The kind of machine used differs on the basis of the transportation process of the components that need blasting. For wheelblasting, the versions of machines available are table systems, integrated ones, automatic manipulators, strip descaling, roller conveyors, etc.

While shot blasting is very effective in polishing up metal surfaces, certain precautions make the job fully safe. The operators should use gloves and protective masks in order to avoid getting hit by splinters and debris coming off the surface. In some cases, the metal structures that require cleaning contain toxic substances like cadmium and lead that can cause infection when in contact with skin. The machines create a lot of noise, and hence mufflers are the best protective wear the operators can use. Additionally, only operators trained to run these machines should be allowed to use the, for the concerned tasks.

Aside the mentioned techniques, shot blasting uses multiple other processes for different industrial purposes. Abrasive and grit blasting are two of the popular techniques used. Providers in the South-western part of England are aplenty. Do your research online in order to find a company that suits your requirements best. It is good to compare prices and do a bit of background checking before you hire the services.

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