Home dates are the New Normal; how can you make them special?

Posted by Cheryl hale on January 22nd, 2021

A global pandemic has made it nearly impossible to enjoy the everyday date life with your patterns. Everything, including restaurants, cinemas, and amusement parks, is closed due to lockdown. Couples are worried that there’s no more fun in their dating life, and they are unable to enjoy it to the fullest.

Home dates are the best option lovers can opt to bring back the joy and excitement in their relationship. But with this, a big question arises, how can they make home dates a fun experience? There’s no need to worry because we have great ideas to make your date at home a memorable experience.

Just because we are in the middle of the pandemic, our home dates are reduced to Netflix and ordering some fast food. You need to think from a fresh perspective and connect with your partner in new and inspiring ways. If you want to refresh your romance, then try one of these ideas.

Make your place cozy & comfortable:

You can make your place cozy and comfortable by adding a perfect décor. Girl Be Brave pillows are the best way to make your place feel fancy and comfortable. Making your place cozy gives it’s a feeling of romance, and you can make the rest of your date pleasingly useful.

Girl Be Brave Candle:

The aroma is something that instantly attracts you to someone. If you want your patter to be attracted to you and want to make your date more romantic, you can add scented candles to give your place a beautiful scent. Scented candles are also in trend, and they also make space look more romantic. Turn out all the lights and decide to only use candles. Your home will instantly feel more romantic, no matter what you choose to do next.

Play College Drinking games:

You probably can’t party like you used to do in the old days, but you can also cherish your old college memories by playing beer pong or flip cup on your kitchen table. Challenge each other and show your skills.


You can make your home date night more memorable by stargazing. Go out in your backyard at night, spread out a blanket and look for stars, this activity is considered to be the most romantic thing couples do together. And being with your love once under the sky make you and your partner feel select for each other.

Have an in-depth conversation:

Having deep conversations with your partner in the comfort of your home is the best way to deepen your relationship. The cozy and comfortable place and aroma of the Girl Be Brave Candle makes the idea of deep conversations easy to execute.

Play video games:

Playing video games can bring out your completive sides, and this can spice up your dynamic. You can also play as a team to complete some missions, and you can also play against each other to see who the best player is.

Tune into a dance club live stream:

Who knows when we will be able to go out to a fully packed club and dance the night away. But you can still have the experience in your own home; all you need to do is to tune into a dance Livestream. Deck yourself out, make some cocktails, enjoy your dace with your partner and enjoy the quality time

Cook your dinner together:

As restaurants are closed, and you can’t go out for dinner, you can cook your food instead of ordering it. You can also challenge each other’s cooking skills or help each other out. This makes you come close to your partner by sharing cooking time and also allows you to appreciate each other gifts.

Research ways to give back:

There are many worthy causes needing help, each owing to the pandemic and since, well, life. Flex your altruistic muscles along by researching; however, you'll build a distinction in your community or with larger-scale organizations you believe in. You’ll feel additional hopeful and connected by giving what you can to those who are in need.

Home dates!

Home dates are the new normal, and you can connect, and spending time alone in your home will make your bond even stronger than it used to be. You will be able to communicate with your partner at a deeper level. By adopting any of the above ways to make your date more enjoyable, you won’t be missing the outdoor dates!

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