13 Mobile Marketing Tours Mistakes You Don't Know You Are Making

Posted by PMLogistics on September 20th, 2014

When it comes to mobile marketing tours, every little effort that you do should reflect. This is why it is essential that you know if you are doing things right. Are you doing things right? Or are you making the most common mobile marketing mistakes like everyone else? Give yourself the chance to be free from those and do things really well. Here are 13 mobile marketing tours mistakes that you should stop making:

  1. No publicity - Just because you have a mobile marketing trailer, you should forget about publicity. This is a very essential part of all mobile exhibit tours. So make sure that you tell people about it.
  2. No social media promotion - Social media is very useful and it is for free. Take advantage of that. Tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media site you frequent.
  3. No internet marketing - Make use of internet marketing. You can tell people via email just what it is all about. You can also blog about it. Tell everybody about that mobile marketing trailer that you have put a lot of effort into.
  4. No documentation - Documentation is very important. Take photos of all mobile exhibit tours that you are part of. It will be your portfolio and it will help you see what you can change the next time around.
  5. No videos - Videos should help too. Make sure that you take plenty of those.
  6. No printed materials - If Pyramid had taken part on mobile marketing tours, it would have its own printed materials. These materials will tell people about what you are offering.
  7. No giveaway items - Giveaway items are very helpful in making people remember you. Invest in these.
  8. No support team - You cannot do things all on your own. Get a good support team to help you out. More brains are better than one.
  9. No good transportation - Trust a good company to do the transportation tasks for you. Do not just go with any company you come across.
  10. No insurance - Be insured. Know if the company handling the transportation bit offers insurance so you can be sure that in case anything untoward happens, all your hard work would be paid for.
  11. Wasting customers’ time - Have an exhibit that is worth the customers’ time. Do not beat around the bush. Tell them straight ahead.
  12. No contact information available - How can customers contact you if you do not have your information ready? Prepare business cards if you must.
  13. No customer database - Create a customer database. Ask people coming to you for their information. You would need them for any updates and for any upcoming events connected with your product/service.

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Ron Morgan is the market representative for Pyramid Logistics. Pyramid Logistics specializes in mobile marketing tours, mobile marketing trailer , mobile exhibit tours and electronic transportation services that are responsibly priced, timely, efficient, damage free and in conformity with the highest industry standards.

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