Which type of ECG machine one should buy?

Posted by ozahub on January 22nd, 2021

Electrocardiography is the procedure of generating footage of the electrical activity of the heart, in the method of a chart, by means of conductors placed on definite exact locations on the body. The graph produced is called an electrocardiogram. For the goal of generating an electrocardiogram, the typical drill now is to station ten conductors in the following ten dissimilar places on the body: four limbs and six leads are placed on the exact places near the heart. Possible (Voltage alteration) is gauged between two of the conductors or a shared computer-generated conductor, also known as Wilson’s central terminal.  When a person’s heart movement needs to be checked for a lengthier period of time; ECG machine alternates with a smaller number of conductors are used to aid flexibility – such as machines with three-conductors or five-conductors. As against the ten lead ECG Machines, the three and five-electrode ECG machines summarize less info. The three-electrode ECG machines - sum up only the limb-leads but no frontal view, hence they are only valuable for beat checking. In a five-electrode ECG machine manufactured by an ECG Machine Manufacturer, all the limb clues and one chest view is also captured.  If somebody articulates a five-channel ECG machine or a five-lead ECG machine, they fundamentally mean a five-electrode ECG machine. A word frequently used in orientation to ECG machines is the number of ‘channels’. ECG machines may be available as a single channel, three-channel, and six-channel or twelve-channel arrangement. 

We now look at the General attributes that one should consider before selecting an ECG Machine Manufacturer in India to supply us with a machine:

The first attribute before selecting a machine from an ECG Machine Supplier is why and for what do you require the machine? Will you be using it to monitor a person’s cardiac activity or for registering the activity. Depending on the type of usage, one can select the ECG Machine Supplier in India to purchase the machine from.

The second attribute to look for in an ECG machine is whether the ECG machine is a multi-channel one? Does the machine obtain all the standard 12 leads concurrently? Preferably the ECG Machine should be able to copy at least three leads of the ECG waveform unceasingly with physical swapping between leads.

Another factor while selecting an ECG Machine Supplier to purchase the machine from is whether the machine can store 20 ECGs for recovery, reproduction, and broadcast at a future time. Also one should look for a machine that has the capacity of storing 20 ECGs at a time.

Another factor while selecting an ECG machine is whether the machine is supplied has a printer attached to it and can the printer print graph and normal paper. Also to check whether the machine has an RS232 port and/or a USB port or any other suitable numerical interface to permit its communications with other hospital systems like computers.

The next feature to look at is that the selected ECG machine ought to be able to charge to supreme in less than fifteen seconds. The machine must have the alternative of progressing on battery power, including explanation and reporting without break during a stoppage of electricity.

The technical features one should look out for in an ECG machine are:

The first technical trait that we should check out in the ECG machine is whether the machine can recall its last ECG, can it display the heart rates, can preview the printouts before printing, and does provide audio-visual buzzers for the heart rate, rudimentary and forward-looking arrhythmia?

The second technical feature we must look out for is whether the ECG Machine has battery capacity & status indicators easily visible on it. Also, we should check whether the ECG Machine Manufacturer in India is providing a comprehensive elucidation software package with the machine? This package should include a recorder, and the chronicled band should include intermittent observations.

Finally, before buying an ECG Machine, it is prudent to ask the Medical Device Supplier for the Software available with the machine to make sure it is stated in the Purchase Order and bill.

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