To Buy Candy Floss or Not To Buy Candy Floss, That Is the Question

Posted by empirepopcorn on September 21st, 2014

Candy floss isn’t exactly a hot topic in most households up and down the country; in fact it’s probably hardly ever mentioned. That is until someone asks for it at the local town show or fair or even when they spot it for sale on Empire’s website.This is usually when the conversation mill goes into overdrive. We find that people are often divided into two categories; those who believe that Candyfloss represents everything great about their childhood and can’t wait to share it with their children and those who have decided that it’s bad for you. Well we’re here to squash those rumours and explain the truth behind the tasty nostalgic snack and how actually it’s one of the better treats around.

First and foremost however, one of the most popular questions that are asked is where can you BUY CANDY FLOSS from if there isn’t a town show or fair looming imminently. The answer to that isn’t your local supermarket shelf, it’s actually Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company, a family owned and Run Company based in Cheshire that have been creating amazing popcorn and fresh, hand made candyfloss for over a decade. Offering some of the best candy floss and POPCORN SUPPLIES the UK has seen with the candyfloss actually being one of their best sellers.

Empire insist on using only the very best ingredients, ensuring no added preservatives are in their food, unlike so many other treats we so often buy for our children. That’s one point for candy floss already. That’s not the most shocking fact of all however, did you know that Candyfloss actually has less sugar in it than a can of fizzy drink. Now consider how many of those, diet or none, that you let your children drink? Candyfloss has only two ingredients in it, those are coloured sugar and air. Now compare that with the long list of unrecognisable ingredients in a can of fizzy drink or a bag of chewy sweets and you’ll start to realise that actually, candyfloss is pretty darn healthy in comparison.

So with the question looming, to Buy CANDY Floss or not to buy candy floss, the answer seems obvious. At Empire you can purchase some the greatest tasting candyfloss on the market in a variety of options too. There’s original fresh fairground candyfloss at just £4.99 a tub or two package options to choose from. The package options are popcorn and candyfloss party packs that come in two sizes starting at a very reasonable £22.

If you’d like to read up more on Empire and what they have to offer then take a look at their website where you’ll be able to indulge in not just the candyfloss but the array of original popcorn flavours too from Hot Madras to Pink Sweet Popcorn.

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